RI “Mathematical Modeling and Intelligent Control Systems”

Research Institute “Mathematical Modeling and Intelligent Control Systems” (RI MMICS) carries out fundamental and applied research in the field of mathematic modeling and control over compound physical entities, processes and phenomena. Modern equipment and innovation methods allow to develop new technologies and hardware-in-the-loop solutions for scientific and full-scale experiment, design calculation and optimization, control of complex engineering systems and technological complexes in power engineering, machine building, aircraft building and shipbuilding, management of industrial enterprises and business processes.


Scientific adviser:  Dmitriy Germanovich Arseniev, SPbSPU Vice-Rector, DSc, Professor


Director of RI MMICS:  Vyacheslav Petrovich Shkodyrev, DSc, Professor


Research Institute Mathematical Modeling and Intelligent Control Systems” has the following objectives:

  • fundamental and applied research in the field of mathematic modeling, high-performance computing and compound physical entities, processes and phenomena on the basis of the recent achievements in computational mathematics and cybernetics, information technologies and the artificial intelligence theory;
  • procedures and technologies for design and implementation of the  new systems, numerical computing methods, simulation modeling, visualization and computer graphics, hardware and software solutions for the industry and research;
  • advisory activity and professional workshops involving representatives from research centers and industry on the issues of  system integration and Institute’s innovation developments operational maintenance;
  • original educational training and retraining programs for the highly-qualified specialists in the field of advanced technologies of mathematic modeling, high-performance computing, visualization and computer graphics, industrial automation and control systems design. 


 Areas of RI “Mathematical Modeling and Intelligent Control Systems” scientific activity: 


  • development of the theory of mathematic and simulation modeling for compound physical entities, processes and phenomena aimed at solving the issues of control and management in the engineering systems and technological complexes; 
  • development of the new adaptive and stochastic methods of computational mathematics and mechanics for solving the interdisciplinary issues of engineering and natural-science analysis in the field of modeling, optimization and experimental research of physical and mechanical systems, with the use of supercomputer technologies;
  • development of the theory of adaptive and intelligent control systems for the compound technical objects, distributed systems and industrial technological complexes aimed at solving the topical issues of engineering and scientific experiment, industrial automation;
  • development of new approaches for the engineering and natural-science analysis to modeling and experimental research of complex processes and phenomena in the AREA of mechanics, physics, aerodynamics and turbulent flows on the basis of the supercomputer technologies and cluster computing; 
  • development of the information control theory and the control corporate networks by means of integration and optimization of the corporate business processes and decision-making support on the basis of technologies and corporate systems on the SAP-platform; 
  • visualization of the results of scientific experiments and mathematic modeling  on the basis of modern quality standards and computer graphics, multimedia, stereographics, virtual and 3D reality technologies;
  • development and implementation of the state-of-the-art techniques for highly-qualified specialists training and retraining in the AREA of advanced technologies on the basis of international academic partnership and joint educational programs.


Research Institute MMICS comprises the following divisions:

  • Laboratory “Intelligent Control Systems”
  • Laboratory “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”
  • Laboratory “Computational Hydroaeroacoustics and Turbulence”
  • Laboratory “Visualization and Computer Graphics”
  • SEC “Polytechnic-SAP”
  • Core R&E Center of the Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering of RAS “Modeling and Identification of Complex Mechanical Systems”



RI MMICS contacts: 

address: 195220, Saint-Petersburg, Grazhdansky av., b. 28, corp.16



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