Research and Innovation Institute of Materials and Technologies


Scientific supervisor:  Andrey I. Rudskoy, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Doctor of technical sciences.

Director:  Anatoly A. Popovich, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor


Research and Innovation Institute of Materials and Technologies (RII MT) was established in 2007 in accordance with the plan of strategic development of the University for solving complex scientific and engineering tasks through interdisciplinary polytechnic approach.


In 2010, RII MT was included in the Joint Science and Technology Institute (JSTI). JSTI was created during the first stage of Development Program of SPbSPU. The program was elaborated in 2010, after awarding SPbSPU the status of "National Research University" at the direction of the Government of Russian Federation, and was designed for 2010-2019.


High-tech laboratory equipment, advanced software systems of modeling, computer-aided design and engineering analysis,  possessed by  Research and Innovation Institute of Materials and Technologies, are  used  by specialized departments and faculties of the University for scientific  researches and for training  masters, postgraduates and doctoral candidates.


Research and Innovation Institute of Materials and Technologies Research and Innovation Institute of Materials and Technologies   Research and Innovation Institute of Materials and Technologies


Objectives of RII MT:



  • Coordination, assessment and implementation of fundamental and applied scientific researches in the areas related to the development and application of advanced materials and technologies.
  • Design, development and implementation of advanced technologies, generation of new and advanced materials, provision of scientific and technical services, transfer and commercialization of the results of scientific and engineering activities, organization of the pilot and small-scale production.
  • Development of project and technical documentation, methods, techniques, algorithms and software.
  • Implementation of the results of ongoing researches into the academic activities, increasing its research component and participation in the training of masters, engineers, graduates and doctoral candidates at the specialized departments.
  •  Participation in the professional development and retraining of employees of the University, other universities, organizations and institutions.
  • Assistance in the establishment of a distributed network of high-tech enterprises, science implementing , engineering and consulting companies and business incubators, with the participation of the University in the industrial park "Polytechnic".



Areas of Scientific Activities:


  • Modeling of various metallurgical processes (rolling, heat treatment, crystallization)
  • The development of new steels and the  technologies  of its processing (automotive steel,  pipe steel, shipbuilding steel)
  • A study of various metallic materials, their properties and structure, using the latest equipment.
  • Development and production of laser  and welding   manufacturing  equipment
  • Development of methods for the study of  the materials,  using the  image analysis.
  • A study of nanocrystalline materials.
  • Expert services  in  metallurgy.
  • Development of technical and project documentation.



System- forming platforms of interaction of subdivisions of RII MT, departments and faculties of SPbSPU are multidisciplinary researches in "over-industrial" polytechnic scientific fields:


  • «Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology";
  • «Computer technologies of projecting and engineering analysis."



The structure of RII MT consists of the following subdivisions:

  • Department of coating technology and surface engineering
  • Department "Welding and Laser Technology"
  • Department "Construction Technologies and Materials"
  • Department "Computer technology and multidisciplinary researches"
  • Laboratory "Liquid-phase steel technologies"
  • Laboratory "Investigation and modeling of the structure and properties of metallic materials"
  • Laboratory "New and advanced materials"
  • The Russian-Chinese research laboratory "Functional Materials"
  • SIEC "Weatherford-Polytechnic"
  • Scientific Research Laboratory "Heavy duty abrasive cords" (SRL HDAC) on the base of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
  • SEC "Structural and Functional Materials" 


Research and Innovation Institute of Materials and Technologies
Address: 195251, St. Petersburg,  29 Polytechnicheskaya st, of the Chemical building
tel. / fax: +7 (812) 552-86-45

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