RI of Power Engineering

Director: Oleg Borisovich Trishkin

Executive Director: Vitaly Ivanovich Mlynchik


Research Institute of Power Engineering (RIPE) was established in 2009 due to the University strategic development plan. In 2010 RI of Power Engineering became one of the JSTI divisions. Its main objectives are fundamental and applied research intensification in  the   of energy-saving solutions and energy efficiency and energy safety  increasing technologies, as well as specialist training within the mentioned directions based on interdisciplinary Polytechnical approach and intense cooperation with the University departments.


Research Institute of Power Engineering has the following objectives:

  • Development of complex programs and procedures for enterprises and organizations aimed at energy conservation and increasing the energy efficiency;
  • Activity analysis and energy efficiency evaluation of the electrical networking complex of the power supplier enterprises;
  • Development of programs for complex modernization of distributed electrical networking sector of the power supplier enterprises, including those for: 
    • Increasing the energy efficiency and energy conservation  in the electrical grids;
    • Decreasing the costs of electrical energy transmission;
    • Applying modern equipment;
    • Implementing innovation engineering solutions, including those worked out by the team of the Research Institute of Power Engineering;
  • Carrying out energy survey and issuing energy passport in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law №261-ФЗ от 23.11.2009 г.;
  • Conducting professional development courses for the specialists in the AREA of energy management and energy survey;
  • Commercialization of  the  research results, launching pilot and small-scale production of sample machine items;
  • Research and academic work with the students at the student club Energoresearch, professional development and retraining of staff, PhD and doctorate students of the university as well as the staff of other HEIs and organizations;
  • Holding conferences, seminars, trainings, business meetings with the wide range of participants in the sphere of innovations in power engineering and energy conservation.


RI of Power Engineering consists of the following structural units:


  • Department of Energy Investigations
  • Department of programs and business plans development
  • Department of Distribution Networks and Substations
  • Department of Power Efficiency and New Energy Sources
  • Department of Expertise
  • Ecological Laboratory
  • Laboratory of High-Voltage Testing and Diagnostics
  • Research and Development Bureau
  • Science and Education Centre (SEC)
  • Department of Heat Engineering
  • R&E Engineering Center “Engineering diagnostics and safety of nuclear and heat power plants”


Professional trainings for specialists  are organized on the base of Innovative Research Institution of Energy in the following areas:

1. Energy management;
2. Energy audit of power supply network  and electrical technologies;
3. Energy audit of heating systems and heat-and-power engineering equipment.


Contact information:

 195251, St. Petersburg, Polytechnicheskaya, 29
Innovative Research Institution of Energy

Phone: +7 (812) 294-42-91 E-mail: erc@spbstu.ru: erc@spbstu.ru



We  welcome students!

07.02.2012,   start of the intra-extramural course for specialists, responsible for energy saving and energy efficiency  at the enterprises.

The need for training of specialists in the area of energy saving  and energy efficiency is reflected in  the paragraph 5 of article 24,  chapter 7 of the Federal Law of 23.11.2009 № 261-FL, as well as  in the Order of the Ministry of economic development of  Russian Federation of 17.02.2010 № 61, in the area of energy audit - in  the  paragraph 6, page 18, article 4 of the Federal Law of 23.11.2009 № 261-FL.
1.Energy Management (for the specialists  of  the energy saving and energy efficiency);

2. Energy audit of electric and heat supply sector (for the specialists  of   energy audit and issuance  of energy  certificates).
Study mode: Full-time (72 hours).

The following sections are included in the course:

• The basis for regional and national energy efficiency policy;
• Legal and regulatory basis of energy saving;
• The contractual relationship between the consumer and the power supply  organization;
• Organization of accounting and control of energy supplies;
• Management of energy efficiency projects;
• Energy audit of buildings and constructions, issuance of  energy certificates and the program of  energy efficiency;
• Energy efficiency in public and administrative buildings, social objects (schools, hospitals, etc.) and apartment buildings;
• Energy savings in  systems of heating, water, electricity, ventilation, and air conditioning;
• Devices  for instrumental measurements of energy resources (practice)
• Modern energy-saving technologies and equipment;
• Cost-effectiveness of energy saving activities;
• Sources of funding for energy efficient activities;
• The concepts and essence of the energy service agreement (contract).


Trainees are provided with educational manuals  and presentations.

Upon completion  the  course a short-term professional training CERTIFICATE  of state registration is  issued.

Telephone for information: +7-921-919-24-96


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