RI “Machine Building Technologies”

The goal of the Research Institute “Machine Building Technologies” (Research Institute MachTech) is technological provision of solving the most general practical machine building problems. Research Institute focuses its activity on designing pilot samples, appliances, machines etc.

Research Institute MachTech delivers a full range of services connected with design and output preparation of new industrial products. Among the main services are the following:  design of computer CAD-models, 3D scanning, prototyping, small-scale production of plastmass articles, casting of steel and non-ferrous metals as well as CNC machining.



Mikhail Aleksandrovich Zlenko, DSc


Research Institute  MachTech has the following objectives:


  • Creating the favourable technological environment for practical SRA results application, rapid and effective engineering development conduction,  technological support of SPbSPU scientific units tasks execution;
  • Adoption and development of advanced technologies, allowing to cardinally reduce the time-frame and increase the quality of research, development and engineering tasks, especially on the stage of test-piece production and variant research.


Areas of RI of MachTech scientific activity:


Additive technologies – one of the modern innovation technological directions, allowing to considerably speed up solving the wide range research, development and engineering tasks.


Production: control and design models; functional models, polymeric and metallic prototypes, master-models, synthesis casts and synthesis models


Casting technologies  


Research Institute MachTech is carrying out activities on adoption and development of vacuum casting technologies using the synthesis casts and synthesis models for molding production of non-ferrous metals (aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, etc), construction and stainless steels, as well as of a wide spectrum of polyurethane compositions. Layer-by-layer synthesis technologies allow to solve the problem of casting parts production, reducing the stage of traditional casting equipment or considerably cutting the time of its production.


Production: non-ferrous metals castings (up to 70 kg in copper), produced by casting on meltable (wax) and burnt out (polystyrene) models to gypsum moulds and steel, and steels (up to 50 kg), produced by casting on meltable and burnt out models to gypsum moulds,  plastmass and polyurethane composition castings, produced by casting to elastic silicon moulds in vacuum..




CNC-processing activities include high-precision technological equipment of irregular shape production, particularly, from the model plastics for thermal vacuum molding, casting production tasks, as well as finishing casting parts processing and integral part production technologies development – from computer modeling on the stage of design to the completed part drive to the TCD.


Production: casts and shape-generating from the model plastics and metals, moulds, punches etc, end items (parts and assembly units) from the metals and plastic.



Digitization and Reengineering


Laser, optical, photogrammetric and tactile digital measuring and control systems possession allows to considerably speed up the items geometry control process on all the process steps and provides the new possibilities for speeding up the design work using reengineering or backward engineering technologies – digital model acquisition upon the physical existing sample.   


Using the specialized software products allows, upon the digitization results, to design computer models applicable for further work in CAD-CAE-CAM-medium (computer modeling, calculations, production in 3D-medium).


Production: protocols and files of details geometry measurements, 3D-models for comparative analysis with CAD-model and geometrical size drift analysis on relativity with tolerance zones, high-precision physical entities digitization.


Research Institute MachTech comprises the following divisions:

  • Engineering and Technological Department
  • Laboratory of Measurements and Digitization
  • Laboratory of CAM-Technologies
  • Laboratory of Vacuum Polymers Casting
  • Laboratory of Vacuum Metals Casting



Research Institute «Machine Building Technologies»

address: 195220, Saint-Petersburg, Obrutshevih Street, b.1, 11 corp.

phone: +7-925-642-37-92, +7-965-092-53-46

e-mail: zlenko@aha.ru, kazmirchuck@gmail.com


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