RI of Nanobiotechnologies

Director: Mikhail Alekseevich Khodorkovskiy, PhD


RI of Nanobiotechnologies

Research Institute of Nanobiotechnologies was established on the basis of R&E Center “Nanobiotechnologies” (which is the infrastructure object of the Russian Federation nanoindustry and a member of National Nanotechnological Network) and the collective use centers: “Analytical Center of Nano- and Biotechnologies of the State Educational Institution SPbSPU” and “Analytical Spectrometry”. The Institute is working in close cooperation with the core University departments and centers. Since 2010 Research Institute of Nanobiotechnologies became a part of Joint Science and Technology Institute (JIST).


Areas of Research Institute of Nanobiotechnologies scientific activity

Research Institute of Nanobiotechnologies concentrates leading methods of the most complex biological objects composition and structure investigation, detection of their functions on the cellular and sub-cellular levels, detection of the trace metabolites number in the waste human products, investigation of the most complex biological processes on the molecular level, nanobiomachines dynamics investigation on the monomolecular level.


For solving the mentioned tasks the Institute is using modern analytical hardware complex, including NMR spectroscopy, high resolution mass-spectrometry, liquid chromatography and chromatomass spectrometry, optical spectrography in infrared and ultraviolet ranges, high-performance subdiffractional fluorescence microscopy, monomolecular methods of biological structures nanobiodynamics investigation by the instrumentality of the unique “Laser forceps” plant and all the methods of biochemical biological objects sampling.


Combination of the state-of-the-art diagnostics and biological structures investigation methods and highly qualified Institute personnel allows to find complex solutions for the tasks on genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioanalytics applying multidisciplinary approaches. Results of such investigations form a basis for developing the methods required by the modern molecular medicine and pharmaceutics, grounded on the precise understanding of biochemical mechanisms underlieing etiology and pathogenesis of both monogenic and multifactor diseases.


Research Institute of Nanobiotechnologies has the following objectives:

  • Carrying out fundamental research in the sphere of biology and nanobiotechnologies including development of new methods and methodologies conforming to the world level
  • Carrying out applied investigations for pharmaceutics and medicine with further implementation of the research results in the patient care institutions
  • Introduction of scientific and research activities results into the study process, raising the level of its research component and participation in masters and postgraduate students training at the core departments
  • Participation in professional development and professional retraining of the University staff as well as other HEIs and organizations personnel
  • Carrying out investigations in the interests of customers on a continuing basis in the collective use mode.


Research Institute “Nanobio” comprises the following divisions: SEC “Nanobiotechnologies”


  • Diversified, multidisciplinary collective use center “Analytical Center of Nano- and Biotechnologies of SEI SPbSPU”
  • Inter-university study and research collective use center “Analytical Spectrometry” 


RI of Nanobiotechnologies


RI of Nanobiotechnologies:

address: 195251, Saint-Petersburg, Polytechnicheskaya Street, b. 29, Hydrocorp.-2, aud. 108

phone: +7 (812) 552-98-09

fax: +7 (812) 552-85-79

e-mail: nanobio@nanobio.spbstu.ru

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