RI of Nuclear Physics

Director:  Vladimir Nikolaevich Lomasov, PhD


Research Institute of Nuclear Physics (RI of Nuclear Physics) was estanlished in 2000 on the basis of Center for Physical-Chemical Research  LSPU “Pozitron”, transferred to SPbSPU in the process of parent institute LSPU “Pozitron” – SRI “Girikond” Incorporation. In 2011 Research Institute of Nuclear Physics became a part of JIST SPbSPU.


RI of Nuclear Physics is equipped with the electrophysical plants complex aimed at carrying out works in the sphere of radiation materials science, radiation methods development and implementation in engineering, technology and medicine:


• Co-60 plants  for g-irradiation:  C-120000 and  GUP- 60

• electron accelerator  RTE - 1В

• fast neurons generator NG-200U, which is simultaneously a source of accelerated protons, deutons, ions of molecular hydrogen and helium 

• isochronous cyclotron MGC – 20

• isotope laboratory with the equipment required for isotopes processing and storage 


Research Institute of Nuclear Physics has the following objectives:

  • Development of science and research, research and development and project activities in the sphere of fundamental and applied physics as well as in allied sciences
  • Training, retraining and professional development of specialists
  • Information-analytical activities and services, innovation projects


Areas of RI of Nuclear Physics scientific activity: 


Institute carries out materials and products radiation resistance investigations, designed radiation technologies for electronic engineering materials and products, produces cyclotron radionuclides, including those for radiopharmaceuticals production,  sterilizes medical purpose items, designed electron-beam technologies of water and gas purification (water drains and settlings processing, diesel plants waste gases cleaning).


Institute staff develops and produces target devices for diverse types of accelerators, carries out information research, pre-graduate and post-graduate core specialists training.


Research Institute of Nuclear Physics comprises the following divisions:

• Laboratory of Powerful Ionizing Radiation Sources

• Cyclotron Laboratory

• Isotope Laboratory

• Laboratory of Radiation-Chemical Research


On the basis of technological processes developed by staff and available equipment RI of Nuclear Physics is carrying out research and radiation processing of materials and products upon the orders of more than 50 enterprises, including:


  • Semiconductor structures doping ("Svetlana-Semiconductors", Closed Stock Company)
  • Electronic equipment materials radiation resistance investigations (PC “SRI Girikond”, CJSC “Diakont”, OJSC NRI "Electron" etc.) 
  • Development of technologies and cyclotron preparations production for medical and scientific purposes upon the orders of the USA, Israel, Taiwan, Australia etc.
  • Materials investigation for the thermonuclear reactors (Efremov Institute, ITD (NIIEFA))
  • Development of water cleaning technologies for the severely polluted return flows, including nuclear power plants draining waters purification
  • Development of monomer radiation polymerization technologies, including the vinylpyridine aqueous solutions. That technology is applied in the "ORGPOLYMERSYNTHESIS" Plant work. 
  • Raw material sterilization for the pharmaceutical production.


Specialists of Research Institute of Nuclear Physics in cooperation with the Central Research Institute of Roentgenology and Radiology of the RAMS accomplished the work “Domestic complex of equipment and technologies for producing the radiopharmaceuticals, marked with ultra-short-lived (USL) radionuclides for the diagnostics centers of positron emission tomography” which received a Prize from the Government of Russian Federation in the area of  science and technology in  2005.


Since November 2010 RI of Nuclear Physics is included in the radiological cluster of St.Petersburg together with the following organizations:


  • FSUE RPA "V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute"
  • FSUE Efremov Institute, ITD (NIIEFA)
  • FSE “Russian Scientific Centre of Radiology and Surgical Technologies of Rosmedtechnologies”
  • Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University)
  • CJSC “Aspect Severo-Zapad”
  • Northwestern Unit of Russian Nuclear Medicine Society


RI of Nuclear Physics

address: 194223, Saint-Petersburg, Curchatova Str., b.10

phone.: +7(812) 552-98-96

fax: +7(812) 552-98-96

e-mail: srinf@spbstu.ru

e-mail: lomasoff @yandex.ru

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