SPbSPU participated in the anniversary exhibition “Russian Manufacturer”

Len ExpoFrom September, 28 to October, 1, in the LenExpo exhibition complex, the XV international forum "Russian Manufacturer" was held under the auspices of Department of Industry and Commerce of the RF, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Petersburg. It is one of the biggest thematic exhibitions in Russia, which aims at development of high-tech production branches, strengthening economic relations between enterprises, and promotion of home products in the global market.

This year the main topics of the forum are innovation and perspective production clusters. Participants of “Russian Manufacturer” – companies, research institutes, business incubators – particularly, first city business incubator of St. Petersburg and technopark “Ingria”. The participant enterprises of the forum demonstrated their technologies and innovation products in metal-fabricating industries, optics and radio-electronics, development and implementation of laser equipment, aerospace instrument engineering, pharmacy and environmental protection.


 Komi Republic, Republic of Karelia, Chelyabinsk Region and Republic of Tatarstan presented collective stands showing production clusters infrastructure and presenting leading regional companies.


address the Vice-Governor M. OseevskyNational Research University SPbSPU presented a number of science and innovation projects. Lifting device “Vector” (constructed by researchers of department “Wheel and tracked vehicles” of the Faculty of Machine design and Energetics), intended for handicapped people, has become the main exhibit. As well, the polytechnicians presented the schemes of new technologies, developed in the Research Institute of Machine-building Technologies, such as schemes for building sand moulds and SLS-technology for layer-by-layer model synthesis from powdered polyamide. The SPbSPU minor innovation enterprises, which help to implement scientific research results into production, were also presented at the “Russian Manufacturer” exhibition: JSC “ACIA Polytechnic”, JSC “IT-Polytech», JSC “Polytech-consult” and others.


Other higher education establishments also presented their research developments at the exhibition. So, St. Petersburg State Mining Institute demonstrated the method of obtaining iron-oxide pigment from hematite ore. This coloring pigment equals to synthetic analogs in quality, but its cost is twice lower.


demonstration of the lift VectorSt. Petersburg was represented by collective stand including the following major companies: JSC “Severnaya Verf”, Federal State Unitary Enterprise R&D company “Hlopin Institute of Radium”, Federal State Institution “Russian Research Center of Radiology and Surgery Technologies”, State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal” of St. Petersburg, Ingria Technopark, and many others. The exposition include future projects, projects currently being under development, as well as already completed programs. For example, State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal” of St. Petersburg reported: The enterprise had implemented the recommendation of Helsinki commission and modernized the water-purification system, so that content of phosphor in the municipal discharge waters is below 0.5 mg/l. But it is not the final rate, and if today waters are being purified for 95%, then by 2015 they plan to increase this factor to 98%. Ingria Technopark presented research works in mobile communication, robotics technology and software products – mobile application inTago, which allows to «stick» to any object with a bar-code the content and multi-purpose nanofilm, forming durable coating after being sprayed on the surface.

Apart from home manufacturers, foreign companies were widely presented. Finnish Research Center VTT, which develops alternative power sources and energy-saving technologies, presented series of LED lamps for different purposes, Sony presented new laptops, and General Motors showed two models of Cadillac (coupe and crossover) with hybrid petrol-electric engine.

As stated by the organizers of the forum, “Russian Manufacturers» had made a great contribution in development of partnership between companies, provision of enterprises with qualified personnel and formation of production clusters, which, as a result, contributes to competitive growth of domestic products.

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