Pavel Kovalev – Laureate of the President’s Prize

February 8, on the Day of Russian Science, Dmitry Medvedev awarded the President's Prize in the field of science and innovations for young scientists 2011.

Церемония вручения премии Президента России в области науки и инноваций для молодых учёных за 2011 год Павлу Ковалёву

Among the prize-winners are the Associate Professor of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, Candidate of Technical Science Pavel Valeryevich Kovalyov and graduate of the same Faculty, the Deputy General Director for Scientific Affairs of the Central Research Institute ‘Prometey’, Doctor of Technical Science Viktor Valeryevich Orlov. The prize was awarded for development of technology of high-tensile cold-resistant steels production for extraction and transportation of hydrocarbons in severe environment.






Церемония вручения премий Президента России в области науки и инноваций для молодых учёных за 2011 год

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