Winter Ball in the Polytechnic University

February 19, the Winter Student Ball dedicated to the 113-th birthday of the University took place.


Зимний бал в Политехническом университетеThe Ball took place in the reading hall of the Fundamental Library. The guests of the Ball were the scholarship holders of the Academic Council of the SPbSPU, of the Potanin Foundation and of the Government of Russia and Saint-Petersburg, the best sportsmen and the student activists of the Polytechnic University. All the participants kept up the dress-code: most of the girls were in evening dresses, and young men in costumes or tuxedos. The Director of the House of Scientists in Lesnoy Sergey Anatolyevich Prokhorov acted as master of ceremonies


The ball started from the welcoming speech of the University management and award ceremony for prize-winners of educational and scientific competitions. The University Choir ‘Poligimnia’ performed the students hymn ‘Gaudeamus’. The guests listened to the speech of the first Director of the Polytechnical Institute, the Prince Andrey Grigoryevich Gagarin, made by him on the Opening Ceremony of the University in 1902: ‘Our school will give you well-applied knowledge. In 4 years you will become precious bearers of new world to a large extent. You got into rare favorable conditions. Be on the peak of these conditions. Always behave with dignity and try to command respect to and faith in yourself. The main thing is to work, work in good faith, diligently and learn the chosen professions firmly and deeply…’


проректор А.В. РЕЧИНСКИЙ

During his speech the Vice-Rector for Organizational and Economic Affairs Vladimir Viktorovich Glukhov has listed the symbols of the University which remained unchanged over 113 years. First of all, such symbols are the uniform of the Polytechnical university students and graduates sign – these were approved already by the Emperor NIkolay II. V.V.Glukhov also mentioned the tradition of making balls and expressed his wish to cherish and develop this tradition year after year.


The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Alexandr Vitalyevich Rechinsky awarded the winners and laureates of students, All-Russian and international academic and scientific competitions with Honorary Rector Diploma; among the prize-winners there were postgraduates and graduates 2011.


The Governor Symphonic Orchestra under the guidance of Stanislav Konstantinovich Gorkovenko performed for the guests of the Ball. The repertoire comprised the works by the composers of the XIX-XX centuries.


победители и лауреаты студенческих, Всероссийских и международных учебных и научных состязаний

The order of dances corresponded to the traditions of balls of the XIX century:  the first one was the solemn dance-procession polonaise, then followed figured waltz, quadrille, Russian folk dance ‘rucheyok’, polka and Spanish waltz. The dancing master Nina Viktorovna Ivanovich, the Senior Teacher of Historic Dance of the Russian Ballet Academy named after A.Ya.Vaganova, controlled the order of the Ball program performance, while her pupils helped everyone to learn how to perform this or that dance step correctly. Before the Ball many students had an opportunity to visit the master-classes of N.V.Ivanovich, during which she taught how to carry the correct posture, make dancing steps, and explained how a gentleman should hold his partner in this or that dance.   


The members of the Military-Historic Club ‘Our Polytech’ Roman Panov, Alexandra Basargina, Matvey Zakharov and Olga Barkalova made a reconstruction of costumes of the beginning of the XX century. The young men wore the uniform of the Polytechnical University students of the 1902 pattern, and girls were in dresses sewn as per the illustrations from the fashion magazines of that time.


The student ball tradition in the Polytechnical University has an over-century-long history. One of the first balls took place on November 13, 1904, in the assembly hall. Today the student ball became a tradition in the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University and is held every year on February 19, on the Day of the Founding of the University.   





хор Политехнического университета  Полигимния Зимний бал в Политехническом университете
Polytechnic University Chorus Participants of the Ball
Ведущий Прохоров Зимний бал в Политехническом университете
Senior S.A. Prokhorov
Участники бала Станислава Константиновича Горковенко
Participants of the Ball The conductor Stanislav  Gorkovenko
Участники бала Танцмейстер Нина Викторовна Иванович
Participants of the Ball Dancing-master Nina Viktorovna Ivanovich

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