Nobel Dynasty Memorial Days

The Nobel Dynasty Memorial Days took place in St. Petersburg in March 2012.


С. А. Драгульский на научно-практической конференции в СПбГПУ

March 30, the International Scientific Research-to-Practice Conference ‘Fundamental Science and Scientific and Technological Researches of Young Scientists in the Field of Diesel Engine Manufacturing’ was held in SPbSPU. Young specialists working in the field of mechanical engineering: doctoral candidates, postgraduates, senior students and scientists of research institutes took part in the Conference. For the benefit of cooperation Philip Nobel, the President of the International Nobel Association, was the honorable guest of the Conference.   


The SPbSPU Vice-Rector for Long-Term Projects, Prof. Aleksey Ivanovich Borovkov reminded the Conference participants of the great contribution of the Nobel dynasty to the development of Russian industry and pointed out that a Program on New-Generation Diesel Engines Manufacturing in Russia is being implemented at present moment. The aim of the Program is to revive the diesel engine manufacturing within the shortest possible period. The Dean of the Faculty of Power Engineering of SPbSPU, Prof. Nikolay Alekseevich Zabelin made a report demonstrating the connection of the Nobel dynasty with the Polytechnical University.


On March 31 memorial events took place, including the ceremony of  flowers-laying to the monument of Ludwig Nobel on the Smolenskoye Lutheran cemetery; tour of the memorial Nobel places in Saint Petersburg and official opening of the Informational Board dedicated to the eight-decades activity of the Nobel dynasty in the city on the Neva. The memorial board dedicated to the Nobel dynasty will be placed at the address: Lesnoy prospect, 20. The Bezymyanniy Passage was renamed to Nobelsky Lane.


Филипп Нобель с памятным дипломом от СПбГПУ

The Nobel Dynasty Memorial Days were organized with participation of the Russian Academy of Science, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Government of Saint Petersburg, the Russian Academy of Art, the National Nobel Heritage Foundation.


Декан ЭнМФ Н.А. Забелин


Возложение венка Смоленское кладбище


А. И. Боровков представляет СПбГПУ на научно-практической конференции представитель ОАО Звезда делает доклад на научно-практической конференции в СПбГПУ
A.I. Borovkov  represents the Polytechnic University on the scientific and practical conference A representative of OJSC "Zvezda" makes a report on the scientific-practical conference in Polytechnic University
участники научно-практической конференции в СПбГПУ Студенты СПбГПУ на конференции в рамках Дней династии Нобелей
The participants of the scientific-practical conference at Polytechnic University SPbSPU students at the confrence held in The Nobel Dynasty Memorial Days

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