The Day of Cosmonautics in the Polytechnic University

On April 13, 2012the President, the General Constructor of Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) "Energiya" n.a. S.P. Korolev, the Associate Memeber of the Russian Academy of Science, Doctor of Technical Science Vitaly Aleksandrovich Lopota talk on the subject "Cosmonautics in Russia: Past, Present, Future" in the White Hall of SPbSPU.

Лекция В.А.Лопоты в СПбГПУ

In his opening speech the graduate of the Polytechnical University V.A. Lopota stressed that exactly in the Polytechnical University (which then used to be an Institute) the cosmonautics arose: ‘It is here that in the end of the XIX – in the beginning of the XX century the Russians ‘began to fly’. Here appeared the first in Russia education which made the basis for aircraft construction. Exactly here in our University were made one of the first calculations of ballistic movement locus and calculations of Moon flying path.’



During the lecture the following issues were touched upon: the place of human in the Universe, the influence of space and missile technologies on safety, economics and technological development of the country; as well as the prospects of cosmic exploration for the nearest 50 years.


академик РАН Юрий Сергеевич ВасильевOn the Cosmonautics Day in the Polytechnical University one of the highlights of the program was the ceremony of spacesuit granting by the flight engineer of the spacecraft ‘Soyuz TMA-21’ A.I.Borisenko to the Club of Young Cosmonauts under the Saint Petersburg City House of Youth.


The Vice-Rector for Organizational and Economic Affairs, Prof. Vladimir Viktorovich Glukhov told about the archive document found in the SPbSPU Museum:


‘In my hands you see a small notebook dated 1916. It was written by certain Kulbash Georgy, born 1898, who was then entering the first year of study. The notebook is titled ‘Conditions of Life on Space Craft. Space Flight Duration. Tsiolkovsky Space Craft’. This document contains the theory of flight and fuel consumption, as well as the first ideas of that period on human’s existence in a space craft in cosmic space.’


 В.В. Глухов

With a formal ceremony the re-printed editions of this notebook were given to V.A. Lopota and to the Club of Young Cosmonauts.

Встреча с В.А.Лопотой в Белом зале СПбГПУ.jpg И.Ю.Ганус в СПбГПУ
Интервью В.А.Лопоты_13 апреля.jpg Передача скафандра.jpg
Представители клуба благодарят за скафандр.jpg Скафандр.jpg



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