SPbSPU Delegation Visited South Africa

From May 3 to 13, 2012 an official SPbSPU delegation headed by Rector Prof. A.I. Rudskoy visited the Republic of Zambia and the Republic of South Africa. The visit was supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Lusaka and the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Cape Town.


Визит делегации СПбГПУ в Южную Африку

In the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Lusaka the delegation members met with the Ambassador of Russia B.N. Malakhov, who appreciated international activities of SPbSPU as one of the leading national research universities in Russia.


The Embassy expressed its willingness to support the partnership between the Polytechnical University and the University of Zambia (UNZA) within the framework of the contract on interuniversity cooperation signed in 2011. The contract stipulates for postgraduate and master training of the University of Zambia professors in SPbSPU, participation of Russian scientists and professors in thesis defense in a partner university, promotion of Russian language in Zambia, exchange of professors for lecturing in English, visits of youth talent teams of SPbSPU to Zambia etc.


Визит делегации СПбГПУ в Южную АфрикуIn the University of Zambia the meeting of the SPbSPU delegation with the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Stephen Simukanga was held. The parties take a favorable view of the start of cooperation within the scope of concluded agreement and discussed possibilities of scientific contacts and joint publications.


Prof. A.I. Rudskoy met with deans and department chairmen of the main schools of the partner university: the School of Natural Sciences, School of Engineering (including Departments of Mathematics and Informatics), School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Education, School of Law, School Of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Agricultural Sciences, School of Economics. In follow-up of the meeting the parties agreed to determine mutual scientific interests and appoint coordinators from among SPbSPU and UNZA scientists.


Визит делегации СПбГПУ в Южную АфрикуOn May 11 within the framework of an official visit to Cape Town the SPbSPU delegation attended the University of Cape Town. The parties confirmed their mutual willingness to extend cooperation and came to an agreement about signature of a contract on cooperation in the nearest time. The following areas of mutual scientific interests were defined for the initial stage of cooperation: applied mathematics, informatics, engineering science and nanobiotechnology.

Визит делегации СПбГПУ в Южную Африку Визит делегации СПбГПУ в Южную Африку

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