Associate Professor of the Faculty of Computer Science Wins Presidential Grant

Peter Trifonov, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Computer Science (Department of Grid Computing and Computer Networks) has become one of the winners of the competition for the Russian Presidential Grant for the support of young Russian scientists.

The research grant was awarded to Trifonov for the development of methods for reliable media data transfer across radio networks. 



Earlier this year, on February 8, 2011, Russia's Ministry of Education and Science announced 460 winners of the support of young Russian PhDs and D.Scs. Only young Russian PhDs (under 35 years old) and young Russian D.Scs (under 40 years old) were eligible for the competition that was announced in November 2010.


A million-ruble grant for young Russian D.Scs (60 grants in total) and 600,000-ruble grants for young Russian PhDs (400 grants in total) are awarded for a two year period to finance fundamental and applied scientific research in Russia's major fields of science, technology, and engineering.


The competition covered a variety of fields, including mathematics and mechanics; physics and astronomy; chemistry, advanced materials, and chemical technologies; geoscience, environment, and sustainable use of natural resources; information and telecommunication  systems and technologies.


Evaluation criteria included the scientific potential accumulated for the project in the past three years, the expected scientific activity of the grant nominee, and an assessment of the scientific research in terms of innovation, applied value, and the viability of the scientific research.

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