The visit of the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University’s delegation to London

On January 22-25 Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University's delegation headed by the rector A.I. Rudskoy visited London to take part in event dedicated to the presentation of the title of the Honorary Doctor of the City University of London to Academician Zh.I. Alferov. The delegation included vice-rector of SPbSPU for international affairs D.G. Arsenev, executive of the administrative apparatus of rector of SPbSPU  Z.P. Zhivulin, the event was also attended by Zh.I. Alferov.


The Delegation of SPbSPU with students of dual degree program

Solemn ceremony event dedicated to  the presentation of  the title  of the   Honorary Doctor of the City University of London to Academician Zh.I. Alferov took place on January 23 at the Barbican Centre, where   the  presentation of  diplomas to the  graduate students, masters and bachelors of  the  City University  also took place. As it is stated on the website of the City University of London, the famous British partner  of SPbSPU  presented the title of  the Honorary Doctor  to professor.  Zh.I. Alferov for his internationally recognized contribution to the development of science and technology.


Vice-chancellor of City University professor P. Curran said: "Professor Alferov  is one of the  prominent scientists of  our generation and a pioneer, whose scientific discoveries changed the world. We are very pleased that he  agreed to accept the title of the  Honorary Doctor of the City University".


Zh.I. Alferov, who among his many duties has also become scientific management of the newly established Institute of physics, nanotechnology and telecommunications  of SPbSPU said: "We should not underestimate the importance of the education of young scientists whose discoveries overcome national boundaries and serve humanity.  We  should be  proud of the history of  scientific and educational cooperation between Russia and  Great Britain, which promotes the establishment  of next generation of  great scientists".  After the ceremony, the delegation met  students of the Polytechnic University, who are  studying  at the   City University in the framework of  joint educational double degree program.


Meeting at the "Rossotrudnichestvo" with compatriot scientists

The same day, the delegation of  Polytechnic University, visited the Royal Society. They were invited   by the governors of the Society. Vice-president the Society and  secretary for international relations, scientific associate of the  Nottingham University, professor Martin Polyakoff acquainted  the delegates with the history the   London Royal Society for improving natural knowledge founded in 1660. It is  UK's leading scientific organization, whose members were prominent scientists of Great Britain and other countries. A gala dinner in honor of professor   Zh.I. Alferov  was held on behalf of the Royal Society.


The dinner  was attended by honored guests  - Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko, the Vice-Chancellor of the City University of London professor P. Curran, ambassador at large of Greece, Deputy of vice-chancellor of the  City University Professor. D. Arkumanis, Attaché for Science and Innovation of the British Embassy in Moscow D. Knights, professors of the University City, members of Presidium of the Royal Society, the delegation of SPbSPU.



A.I. Rudskoy, Zh.I. Alferov and A.V. Yakovenko

On January 24 a meeting of  Zh.I. Alferov with  the  Board for Coordination of the International Association of Russian scientists and experts in the field of technology, living abroad was   held at the representative office  of  “Ros Sotrudnichestvo” (“Russian Collaboration”) in London. The purpose of the Association is to promote the integration of Russian-speaking professionals working abroad in the field of science and technology, the development of scientific relations with Russia, cooperation between scientists compatriots and effective communication and collaboration with local and international organizations, aimed at the modernization and development of science and education in Russia. Possible ways of cooperation and project collaboration  were discussed.


The Ambassador A. Yakovenko  met the  delegation from Saint- Petersburg  in the  Russian Embassy. Zh.I. Alferov and A.I. Rudskoy made  records  in the book of the honorary guests of the Russian Embassy. Zh.I. Alferov  gave a lecture on "Semiconductor revolution in the twentieth century for information technology and energy conversion". Before the lecture, rector  of SPbSPU A.I. Rudskoy  greeted the audience  and spoke about the scientific tradition and  main areas of  activities  of  National Research University  SPbSPU. The lecture was attended by scientists, businessmen, students,    secondary school students, journalists, diplomats, including the ambassadors of Belarus and Uzbekistan. The lecture of  Zh.I. Alferov provoked  great interest of the scientific community of Great Britain.





Rector's speech at the Embassy of the Russian Federation (London) Academician Alferov lecture at the Embassy
Rector's speech at the Embassy of the Russian Federation (London) Academician Alferov lecture at the Embassy
Meeting participants with the delegation of SPbSPU at the Embassy Academician Alferov lecture at the Embassy
Meeting participants with the delegation of  SPbSPU at the Embassy Academician Alferov lecture at the Embassy

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