The Power of Thought - 2011

On June 15, in the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, the Power of Thought practical scientific symposium was held – one of the events within the laureate week’s program dedicated to the winners of the Global Energy 2011 award.


The Power of Thought - 2011The laureates – Philip Rutberg, academician, director of the Electrophysics and Electrical Power Engineering Institute of RAS, professor of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbSPU), and Arthur Rosenfeld, professor of the California University – participated in the symposium that was held at the Polytechnic University, its traditional venue.


The symposium proceedings were led by A.I. Rudskoy, rector of SPbSPU, corresponding member of RAS, V.L. Kvint, foreign member of RAS, Yu.S. Vasiliev, president of SPbSPU, academician of RAS, and V.V. Okrepilov, deputy head of the St. Petersburg chapter of RAS.


In his symposium opening speech, A.I. Rudskoy underscored that for the Polytechnic University the holding of the Power of Thought symposium is to a certain extent an honorary right. The rector warmly congratulated P. Rutberg and A. Rosenfeld with receiving the Energy Nobel award, and wished them many future years of fruitful scientific research.


Following the official opening, V.L. Kvint acquainted the symposium’s participants with the present situation in the  power engineering: “There are many myths that Russia is a very power-consuming country. In fact, Russian is more to the middle. For instance, in terms of per capita power consumption, Russia is modest 19th, surpassed among others by America (11th). “If you have a dream, you can achieve everything. Therefore, I am glad that for the third year, I have been leading the Power of Thought symposium, and young scientists, who each year receive new grants develop new solutions in the field of energy efficiency. And these young people are not only developing ideas, but trying to implement their designs.”


The reports made by the laureates of the Global Energy-2011 award became a focal point of the symposium – this year, the eminent academicians spoke together with young scientists laureates of the Young Energy award.


Academician Philip RutbergIn his lecture, academician P.G. Rutberg spoke about the present state of the power engineering, and the method designed by him for environment-friendly waste disposal – plasma energy technologies. The problem of waste  disposal is a very acute issue all over the world, in fact, we are being smothered by our own wastes. Furthermore, the existing wastedisposal methods inflict considerable damage to the environment with noxious emissions. The new technique of wastes disposal (plasma conversion) in comparison with the others – storage and incineration – is 3 times more efficient, and emission-free. It can also be used for plastic’s recycling resolving two problems – cleaning

of the ocean (which is full of chlorineemitting plastic islands), and power generation: production of a synthetic fuel, or synthetic gas.


Prof. A. RosenfeldProf. A. Rosenfeld spoke about the projects aimed at the increase of power efficiency, and reduced power  consumption all over the world. After the oil embargo of OPEC in 1973, the scientist devoted himself to developments in the sphere of energy efficiency of buildings, structures, and household fittings. It is due to his tireless efforts that starting from mid-1970s the power consumption in California remains constant. Nowadays, the 84-year-old scientist actively supports the Cool Cities program, and the international task-force team the White Roofs Community (whose members painted their roofs white to reduce the temperature indoors by a several degrees) was joined by USA, India, Mexico, and other hot-climate countries.


The international Global Energy award is one of the most prestigious international awards given for scientific achievements in the energy field helping all the humankind. The award was established in 2002, and is awarded every year. This year, the prize fund of the award amounted to RUR 33 million. Over the eight years of its existence, 24 scientists had been awarded from all over the world: United Kingdom, Germany, Iceland, Canada, Russia, USA, Ukraine, France and Japan. The Global Energy award’s informal name is the Energy Nobel.”


Academician Philip Rutberg became the laureate of 2011 Global Energy award for his research, design, and  development of the plasma energy techniques. Arthur Rosenfeld is famous for his innovative and technological developments in the sphere of construction of power-efficient buildings. The Rosenfeld’s influence on the global power efficiency is so considerable that a group of scientists proposed to name a unit of power saved after him.

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