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The first six months of 2011 saw continued development of the Scientific Educational Center of the Physics of Nano-composite Materials for Electronics (SEC PNC), a structural subdivision of the NRU within SPbSPU.


The scientific center was established on the basis of the laboratory for the Physics of nano-composite materials in  electronics, being a joint project of the physical electronics subdepartment of faculty of RSE SPbSPU, PTI n.a. Ioffe of RAS, and PNPI n.a. B.P. Konstantinov, RAS. Development of the scientific educational center started due to  emplementation of the Innovative education program, and is continued within the NRU program framework.


The main objectives of the PNC center are concerned with research and development of new nano-materials for electronic industry, and training of specialists capable of independent development of techniques and materials for the electronic industry.


The PNC center is a joint project of the largest scientific and educational centers in the region, providing its staff,  students and post-graduates with an opportunity to participate in solution of future issues. The scientific aspects of the PNC center include design and research of selforganized nano-structure materials for electronics and artificial nano-composite structures based on the dielectric porous matrixes. The research carried out in the center on such materials contributed to get nearer to the solution of a number of important application issues.


The PNC center is fitted with unique equipment consisting of SuperNova X-ray diffractometer (Oxford Diffraction) and ultrabroadband dielectric spectrometer with a turnkey broadband system NOVOCONTROL CONCEPT-80  cryosystem. The Super Nova X-ray diffractometer is used in the FNK center by a group of students and postgraduates.


SuperNova diffractometer is the first newtype unit in Russia. Purchased in 2010, it permits for full use of  nanotechnologies in the research. The SuperNova diffractometer is used for performance of modern crystallographic research for crystallographic substances with small-dimension molecules and proteins. The NOVOCONTROL CONCEPT-80 spectrometer allows for obtaining dielectric spectra of macroscopic samples in a wide range of  materials of a different nature, and measuring temperature and frequency. The sample-holding system permits to work with various types of materials, including monocrystals, thin films, substances introduced in porous matrixes etc.


To-date, the PNC center has achieved a number of significant scientific results, including research of definite close order in so-called relaxers’ segmentoelectrics. It is a group of piezoelectric receivers (such materials are used as a  basis for detectors and ultrasonic radiators in devices for ultrasonic scanning, ultrasonoscopes on board of ships and submarines, etc.)


Another achievement consists in definition of a nano-domain structure of the relaxers’ domain structure (it is an  international project with participation of France, Finland, Germany and Russia). There are preliminary agreements for research of the injection of low-temperature medicinal substances, an agreement is to be concluded for performance of a research cycle with development of a joint project for applied research.


All the achievements of the PNC center have been a result of a collaboration between leading Russian scientists, students and postgraduates. Considerable attention is paid to international collaboration with involvement of young specialists at all stages. Thus, students and postgraduates from the PNC center participated in various experiments in leading research centers in Germany, France, Japan, and presented their reports at largest international  conferences. The PNC center’s equipment is used for defending of 2 to 3 dissertations each year, and two thirds of its graduates continue working at the center.


The strategic plans of the PNC center include creation of the largest in the Russian North-Western region Center for diagnostics of solid-matter parameters, and a set of low-temperature centers for diagnostics of nano-structured materials.

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