SPbSPU and TU Berlin in the large-scale project «Smart City» supported by EU

On February 6-7, 2014 in the framework of the strategic partnership program the first Vice-President of Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) Professor Paul Uwe Thamsen paid a working visit to Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU). It should be noted that Technical University of Berlin chose only 5 universities of the world as its strategic partners. Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University is among them.


SPbSPU and TU Berlin in the large-scale project «Smart City» supported by EU

During the two-day visit Professor Thamsen visited institutions involved in cooperation with specialized departments of TU Berlin: Institute of Civil Engineering, Institute of Power Engineering and Transportation, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. The workshops on coordination of topics for cooperation were held at the institutes. In addition, Prof. Thamsen acquainted with advanced laboratories of the Research Institute «Mathematical Modeling and Intelligent Control Systems», and conducted negotiations with representatives of Institute of Industrial Economics and Management.


On February 6 the negotiations with Vice-Rector for International Relations of SPbSPU Dmitry G. Arseniev were held, during which both sides exchanged views on the prospects and forms of partnership in accordance with the working plan of cooperation :


  • Academic exchanges;
  • Development and implementation of joint training programs for Masters and PhD students;
  • Attracting professors from TU Berlin to lecture at Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University;
  • Joint researches, preparation of applications for the projects of European program HORIZONT 2020;
  • Joint publications of research results;
  • Implementation of joint innovative network projects involving industrial enterprises, companies of small and medium-sized business;
  • Co-operation of business incubators, meetings for ideas exchange, involvement of young scientists in collaborative projects.


SPbSPU and TU Berlin in the large-scale project «Smart City» supported by EU

Besides, working meeting of Professor Thamsen with Vice-Rector for Research Dmitry Y. Raychuk, heads of departments and industry representatives of Saint-Petersburg was held.


The main topic of the meeting was the development of mutually beneficial partnership between TU Berlin and SPbSPU, and the participation of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University in the large-scale project «Smart City».


The project «Smart City» is initiated by TU Berlin together with Berlin Senate for infrastructure development of megacities and optimization of urban resources allocation. The project will be also funded by the Government of the EU, and among its participants are the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing and many large companies such as Siemens, Vatterfall, Transmission 50 Herz and many others. As for domestic companies SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» showed interest to the project. The project will be implemented in two cities - Berlin and Saint-Petersburg, but if it is successful, intelligent system will be used in other cities and towns.


«Smart City» includes several aspects, among them environmental monitoring , optimization of energy supply (smart-grid) and alternative energy sources. Professor Thamsen paid special attention to water use and water treatment, because it is one of the most acute problems of modern Berlin. And Professor himself is the member of advisory council on this issue. As an example of projects implemented in the frameworks of «Smart City», Professor Thamsen mentioned experimental setup for water treatment in Berlin. He also said that perfect complement to this program would be the mobile devices, which allow to see the water and energy consumption in a particular house in real time.


«We understand that this is an ambitious idea, and that its purposes sometimes look fantastic. We do not aim at connecting all urban facilities into the intelligence system, but there are many places where this system is needed - said Professor P. Thamsen.- It is a modern reality».


The parties discussed set of practical questions about the format of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University participation in the project, contacts with the administrations of cities-participants, overcoming the differences of utilities’ technological features in Russia and Germany, scientists and students exchange of in the frameworks of participation in the project. The main task for the near future is to build an information network for the communication of all participants and accurate statement of «Smart City» general concept.


«We are interested in cooperation, - said Dmitry Y. Raychuk in conclusion of the meeting. - For Polytechnical University it is a great opportunity to realize its potential . And we will do everything necessary to the next meeting devoted to this project, which will be held on March in Saint- Petersburg».



SPbSPU and TU Berlin in the large-scale project «Smart City» supported by EU

During the final negotiations universities have agreed on the following activities in accordance with the working plan of cooperation, in 2014-2015:


  • A joint research seminar at TU Berlin with participation of the working groups on areas of mutual interest. Dates and working groups on both sides will be agreed;
  • Development of the joint educational program in management and entrepreneurship. For this purpose, workshops and seminars with participation of experts of both universities will beheld on May in SPbSPU;
  • Coordination of curriculums for Masters program in hydraulic engineering. Inviting professors of TU Berlin to lecture in SPbSPU in the frameworks of joint program;
  • Joint management of post-graduate students. The scholarships for post-graduate students of Institute of Civil Engineering and Institute of Power Engineering and Transportation for scientific internship at TU Berlin were allocated;
  • A series of trainings for administrative staff of SPbSPU to enhance their skills in the field of new management technologies of overall theme «Green Campus»;
  • Reciprocal advertising campaigns to promote the idea of strategic partnership program for students and post-graduates of both universities.

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