Development of cooperation with Russian-Speaking Academic Science Association RASA


Within the framework of the program «5-100-2020» in the task 3.2 on implementation of measures to attract foreign scientists for the joint projects,at the end of February 2014 Saint-Petersburg PolytechnicalUniversity was attended by the delegation of Russian-Speaking Academic Science Association RASA.


Development of cooperation with Russian-Speaking Academic Science Association RASA

The members of the delegation were Vyacheslav Safarov, the Chairman of the International Council of RASA, honorary professor of Aiх-Marseille University (France) and Sergei Mikhailov, member of Coordinating Council of RASA (Neuchatel University, Switzerland) .


On behalf of SPbSPU the event was attended by Rector Andrey I. Rudskoy, Vice-Rector for International Relations Dmitry G. Arseniev, Vice-Rector for Research Dmitry Y. Raychuk and Vice-Rector for Perspective Projects Alexey I. Borovkov.


The parties exchanged opinions about perspectives and possible forms of cooperation, in particular:


  • in the organizational aspect: the development of network partnership for the purpose of establishing project consortia, accessing high-tech companies, participation of leading scientists in scientific and expert councils of the University and its institutions, establishment of RASA engineering department or lab, expanding of cooperation through association members with leading universities, ranked in the top -500;
  • in scientific aspect: joint researches, development and implementation of joint projects and preparation of project applications for European project HORIZON-2020, implementation of joint innovative networking projects involving industrial enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses; various projects funded by the Russian and foreign research funds;
  •  in educational aspect: introduction of distance learning, reading lecture in modules, the program «Visiting Professors», organization of training for undergraduate and graduate students (1-2 term) in foreign universities and research centers under the supervision of leading scientists - our compatriots.


The delegation visited Electromechanical Branch of the Institute of Power Engineering and Transportation, where the negotiations were held with the Head of Electromechanical Branch prof. V.V. Titkov,and the Head of the department «Electrical Power Systems and Networks » prof. E.N. Popkov. Scientists discussed the possibility of joint researches and methods of solving ice wiring problem. An interesting discussion on the development and implementation of joint projects in the field of coating technology and surface engineering using modern equipment «NanoFab»took place at the Department of Physics-chemistry and Microsystem Technique with the Head of the department prof. S.E. Alexandrov (Materials Technology study area, Institute of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport).


The reference :

Russian-Speaking Academic Science Association RASA was established at the First International seminar on October 5-11, 2008. Association includes not only scientists, but also engineers and entrepreneurs working in high-tech companies, as well as undergraduate and graduate students and young doctors of sciences, training abroad. The objective of Association is assisting the development of scientific career. Main tasks of Association: a worldwide network of Russian-speaking scientists working outside the Russian Federation, sharing knowledge and experience, initiation of joint projects and coordination of research programs.





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