SPbSPU summed up the results of the second planning session of the Program «5-100-2020» implementation


Подведены итоги работы второй сессии планирования реализации Программы «5-100-2020»On March 6, 2014 the results of the second planning session for implementation of the «Road map» in the frameworks of Program «5-100-2020» were summed up at Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University. It should be noted, that the aim of the session wasultimate expert analysis of the «Road map» implementation experience at SPbSPU in 2013 and plans for further work to improve international competitiveness of the university in 2014.


The session was attended by university governance, directors of institutes and number of departments, leading scientists and researchers of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University. The session was moderated by invited experts: rector of the Moscow School of Management «Skolkovo», Deputy Chairman of the Council to improve the competitiveness of the leading universities of Russia Andrey E. Volkov, Director of the «Center for Strategic Research» North-West» Vladimir Knyaginin, vice-president of the «Skolkovo» Foundation, member of the Council to improve the competitiveness of the leading universities of Russia Oleg B. Alekseev. The second day of the session was attended by Director of Strategic Communications Department JSC «Russian Venture Company» Eugeny B. Kuznetsov.


During two-days work of the session, the reports of representatives of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University administration: Vice-Rector for Perspective Projects Alexey I. Borovkov, Vice-Rector for Administrative and Economic ActivityVladimir V. Gloukhov, Vice-Rector for Research Dmitry Y. Raychuk, Acting Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Konstantin V. Shvetsov, Vice-Rector for International RelationsDmitry G. Arseniev, director of Technopark «Polytechnic» Sergei V. Salkutsan, Director of Media Center Marina S. Arkannikova were heard.


As a result of the debates, organizational decisions were made by the expert committee, which were recommended to Rector of SPbSPU Andrey I. Rudskoy. In particular, it was recommended to pay attention to organizational structure analysis, functions and activities of the Project office of SPbSPU for the «Road map» implementation in the frameworks of Program «5-100-2020», and also to increase the volume of sociological researches that will get a reflection of the real state of social phenomena and management decisions at the university in context of implementation of the strategic objectives of the Program «5-100-2020».


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