Return visit of SPbSPU delegation to TU Graz (Austria)


Asa part of the strategic partnership between Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University and theGraz University of Technology(Austria) on March 18 to 22, 2014the delegation ofscientific groups ofSPbSPU Institutes, headed by Vice-Rector for International Relations prof.D.G. Arseniev andYouth choir «Polyhymnia», headed bydirector of the Department of youth creativity and cultural programs B.I. Kondin visited Graz.


Return visit of SPbSPU delegation to TU Graz

Agreement of strategic partnership was signed in September 2013 by rector ofSPbSPU Professor A.I. Rudskoy and rector of TU Graz professor Harald Kainz, which gave a new impulse to long-term cooperation. Already on November 8, 2013 business representatives of Graz city administration visited Saint-Petersburg, in its frameworks, with the support of governance of twin cities - Graz and Saint-Petersburg the only concert of TU Graz orchestra was held in the White hall of SPbSPU. Return visit of SPbSPU representatives to TU Graz became another step towards intercultural partnerships between cities and universities.


Along with business and creative part of the trip SPbSPU delegation's visit program at TU Graz was full of interesting events. Splendor of Austrian spring was complemented by sightseeing tours around the city of Graz. «People around gave us warmth and hospitality that warmed us even more than Austrian sun» - said Vice-Rector for International Relations of SPbSPU D.G. Arseniev. The delegation of Polytechnical University attended City Hall of Graz and was greeted by the member of City Council Dr. Peter Piffl-Percevic and Deputy mayor Ms. Martina Schröck. On the welcoming meeting at the City Hall, parties exchanged greetings and gifts. Student anthem «Gaudeamus igitur» performed by the Youth сhoir «Polyhymnia» of SPbSPU was magnificently performed there. In conclusion of the meeting Dr. Peter Piffl-Percevic mentioned: «Music is one of the best ways of communication between people. Today traditional scientific cooperation between two leading universities gained a new cultural component, which increased gravitation vector between us.»


During two-days workshop on universities internationalization, which was attended by the rector of TU Graz prof. Harald Kainz, Vice-Rector for International Relations prof. Bernhard Hofmann-Vellenhof, Vice Rector for Research Horst Bischof, scientists of specialized institute sand staff of international office of TU Graz, summed up the results of cooperation in the previous academic year. In the opening session speech rector of TU Graz professor Harald Kainz emphasized the role of «science without borders» and the importance of contacts between leading scientists when working meetings become solid foundation for collaborative researches, and for educational process, development and implementation of joint master courses and post-graduate programs. Within the framework of scientific cooperation, the parties exchanged presentations of universities, where the emphasis was on the problems of strategic partnerships development programs and internationalization of the universities.


Strategic partnerships were formed in accordance with the development priorities of universities. Research group of Institute of Power Engineering and Transportation showed special interest in the activities of TU Graz on the development of heavy-duty diesel engines, turbine installations, as well as in establishment of bolide and student participation in car races«Formula Student». 5th year student of the Departments «Engines, Automobiles and Tracked Vehicles» of Institute of Power Engineering and Transportation of SPbSPU Eugene Zahlebaev met with students from TU Graz team and discussed the possibility of participation in the establishment of bolides, as well as organization of joint student team.


During the final session of the visit parties agreed the work plan for the 2014-2015 in accordance with the objectives of the Program «5-100-2020» on development and implementation of strategic partnership programs. The plan envisages the following activities for internationalization of both universities:


  • development and implementation of joint educational programs for master students;
  • researches on the agreed topics of mutual interest;
  • joint scientific publications;
  • joint training of post-graduate students;
  • program of professors visits;
  • student exchanges.


This action plan will allow SPbSPU and TU Grazto:


  • improve the reputation of the partner universities;
  • improve the competitiveness of educational programs;
  • increase international activity indicators;
  • increase the position of partner universities in international rankings.


The final chord of the delegation's visit was the great concert of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University in the walls of TU Graz. The concert program included original religious songs, folk songs, contemporary and classical compositions performed by the Youth choir «Polyhymnia» of SPbSPU (director Igor Solovyov), student group of folk instruments. Loud applause came after the performance of the famous Vivaldi concert for two violins and orchestra performed by international duet of two soloists - Julia Kondina (SPbSPU) and Karin Veyermayer (TU Graz)and string orchestra of TU Graz. The concert was a great success - audience stood in the hall, and even in the corridors of the university. Enthusiastic audience did not let go our «Polyhymnia» and an«encore» concert was performed on the main staircase in the foyer.


Thus many years of partnership experience between SPbSPU and TU Graz in the field of education and science has now been supplemented by unique experience of cultural interaction between creative groups of universities. This trip of group of scientists and students of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University become unforgettable days filled with music and sincerity.

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