College of informatics and management joins Polytechnic University

St. Petersburg college of informatics and management (SPbCIM) is becoming a structural subdivision of SPbSPU.


The building of the CollegeReorganization of SPbSPU and SPbCIM is conducted according to the order of the Ministry of education and science of June 23 2011, № 2053 and decision of Scientific Council of the University. Corresponding changes are to be made in the university statute and delivered for approval by the ministry by October 1, 2011.

The procedure of reorganization of two educational institutions is to be carried out within the period of one year. The University becomes assignee of the college. According to the order of the Ministry property of the college “is to be fully assigned to the university”. Students of the college will continue their education at SPbSPU (if they agree); type and conditions of education for them will remain without changes.


St. Petersburg college of informatics and management

SPbCIM Director M.V. LopatinSt. Petersburg college of informatics and management (SPbCIM) is one of the oldest educational institutions of the city. It is located in a modern educational and laboratory premises at Svetlanovskaya square of Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg.
The pedagogical assembly of the college consists of over 180 experienced highly qualified lecturers and trainers, many of them carrying titles of honorary workers of secondary education of Russian Federation and PHD degrees. College has about 1500 students.
SPbCIM, previously named St. Petersburg engineering school of electronics, legendary Radiopolytechnicum – has been founded in 1930 by initiative of administration and public organizations of “Svetlana” plant as an evening technical school for its employees.


    • First alumni graduated in the field of "Electrovacuum production" in 1932.
    • In 1961 college moved from "Svetlana" plant to its own new building at Engels prospect 23 and obtained the well known name of "Radiopolytechnicum".
    • In 1969 the second laboratory building has been constructed and in 1976 – sports and recreation building with a swimming pool.
    • In 1982 a new dormitory for 600 students has been built.
    • In 1962 college established an international department as within the period of 1962 tom2008 it has been visited by over 300 delegations from 46 countries.
    • Within the period of its existence St. Petersburg college for informatics and management has educated over 25000 highly qualified specialists.
    • In 2010 SPbCIM has celebrated its 80-th anniversary.


SPbCIM specialities

 “Metrology”, “Computing machines, complexes and networks”, “Automatic information and control systems”, “ Software for computing devices and automatic systems”, “Management”, “Commerce”, “Tourism”, “Hotel service”.

News & Events

30.09.2014 | News & Events Heroes twice: four students got double diploma

Four graduates got double master diploma in "International marketing management" discipline in the second semester of 2014.

30.09.2014 | News & Events Participants and winners of the “IT-planet”

SPbPU students were successful in the "IT-planet", the final of the VII student competition in IT, held in the Crimea from 20th to 22th September, 2014.

22.09.2014 | News & Events The first multidisciplinary RASA Research center in Russia was established in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

The first multidisciplinary RASA (Russian-speaking Academic Science Association) Research center in Russia named "RASA-Polytech" was established in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Leading scientists from different countries of the Old and the New World have headed the six research laboratories concerning the most relevant direction in science - biomedicine.

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