The University signed agreements with China and Mordovia

On September 14 was signed a protocol of intention between the SPbSPU, Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, company Weihai TSE Technology (China) and representation of the Mordovia Republic in St. Petersburg.


Fedorov, Sedov, Rudskoy


Main objective of the project, which will be implemented in the framework of this agreement - co-pilot production of high power drives based on lithium-ion polymer new generation batteries development on Russian territory. The priority region for production placement - Republic of Mordovia. According to the project, SPbSPU and Ioffe Physical Technical Institute plan to organize students training and retraining of specialists.

The agreement was signed by the Rector of SPbSPU, correspondent member of RAS Andrey Rudskoy, Minister of Industry Republic of Mordovia, Alexander Sedov, Deputy director of the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Victor M. Ustinov, Director of Weihai TSE Technology, Wang Qing-Sheng. Project chief - Director of Joined Institute of Science and Technology (SPbSPU), Correspondent Member of RAS, Mikhail Fedorov.


Director of Weihai TSE Technology Wang Qing ShengThe project has already gained support from Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade: Chairman of the committee, E. I. Elin, recently had a meeting with the committee members, and noticed that production of high-capacity electrical energy storage systems is a current concern of Saint Petersburg and Russia.


 Minister of Industry of Mordovia, A. I. Sedov told when speaking at the signing ceremony held at SPbSPU: “We will make maximum efforts together with the Ioffe Institute and SPbSPU towards realization and further promotion of this project.” Mr. Sedov also noticed: “The region of Mordovia is engaged into innovative production and prepossess the required infrastructure which can provide quick growth of this project in terms of serial production of lithium batteries based on the technology of our partners.”



“Participation in such project is of great importance for us, and application of the results of research on lithium-ion batteries, which are being conducted at our institute, will serve a substantial part of future production”, as emphasized by Deputy director of the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, V. M. Ustinov. 


Ustinov, Rudskoy, SedovWang Qing-Sheng (PRC) told in his interview to the journalists of 100TV: “Today we have numerous tasks in developing alternative sources of energy. Those tasks we perform within our project are connected with industrial development through electrical energy industry”.


During the working meeting held the previous day in the Polytechnic University, the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, and Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade, they discussed scientific and practical aspects of establishment of lithium-ion batteries pilot production on the territory of free economic areas in St. Petersburg and the Republic of Mordovia. Joint Russian-Chinese laboratory is created and active at SPbSPU, where they study technologies of electrode materials for these batteries.

According to the rector of Polytechnic University, professor A. I. Rudskoy, scientists and manufacturers of Russia, Mordovia and China have to solve a unique task: to create a high capacity energy storage device with utilization and administration of Smart Grid systems.



 Group photo after signing the agreement  TV Channel 100 TV at the signing ceremony
 Group photo after signing the agreement TV Channel 100 TV at the signing ceremony

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