Meeting of the Diplomatic Club was held at the SPbSPU

Meeting of the Diplomatic Club was held at the SPbSPUOn the 1st of October in the Resource Center of SPbSPU the meeting of the Diplomatic Club was held. The Co-Chairmen of the event were the representative of the Foreign Ministry of Russia in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Vasil'evich Zapevalov and Vice-Rector for international relations of the SPbSPU  Dmitry Germanovich Arseniev.



The meeting was attended by representatives of the General Consulates in St. Petersburg of the following countries: Azerbaijan Republic, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of India, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Norway, Japan, Kingdom of Sweden, Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Angola, the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as representatives of the Foreign Ministry of Russia in St. Petersburg and of the city administration.



Members of the Meeting of the Diplomatic Club, 21.10.2010At the meeting a report regarding the current state and prospects of development of the National Research St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University was made by D.G. Arseniev.



In his speech Dmitry Germanovich also told about the project of construction of the campus for foreign students, in particular the imminent start of construction of a new building dormitories, which will improve the living conditions of foreign students. studying in the SPbSPU, as well as to increase the admission of students to different scientific and educational programs of the university.



Participants were interested in the prospects for cooperation with the Polytechnic University in the field of international education and science, in particular, questions relating to the development of joint educational programs and research projects.


General Consul of the Kingdom of Sweden Christina JohannessonGeneral Consul of Japan Itiro KavabataCo-chairmen of the Meeting, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in St. Petersburg Zapevalov Vladimir Vasilievich and Vice-Rector of the SPbSPU Arseniev Dmitry Germanovich

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