Project Management forum was held in St. Petersburg

The first practical forum "Exchange of advanced experience in Project Management" was held on 15 September in St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Igor V. IlyinThe forum, organized by the Center of Business Technology (CeBTech) of SPbSPU, was supported by Nevsky District Administration of St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region Employers and Manufacturer Association, St. Petersburg CIO Club, and Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

Top-managers of major companies presented reports at the forum: Andrea Pal (JSC “Air Gate of Northern Capital”), Jury Levchenko (SET, Ltd) and many others. Main speaker was professor Roland Gareis, head of Project Management Group of Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, one of the world’s leading experts in project management.

In his report professor Gareis touched upon all direction of project management. He focused on factors affecting the project success: organizational structure of project-oriented company, questions of human resource management during the project execution, problems of team building, leadership, project culture. It was noticed that one of the key problems of today’s project management is the problem of sustainable projects realization.


Roland Garays

Various of aspects of project management were discussed with the examples of certain fields. So, Maxim Belousov, President of St. Petersburg CIO Club, reported about interaction of IT and business in today’s Russia. During the roundtable discussion at the end of the forum the experts talked about connecting project management and corporate strategy, and shared their experience inquestions of raising projects economics.


Forum “Exchange of advanced experience in Project Management” is intended primarily for managers and directors of private and government organizations: indeed, one of the problems of today’s industry is in quick depreciation of its facilities, as well as of its management. This situation requires continuous search for new approaches to solution of existing problems. Due to this fact, one of the main directions of the forum activity was formation of kind of data bank on methods of management and solution of administration problems in domestic and foreign companies. Viktor Chechin, head of Capital Construction Department of Almaz-Antey Concern, gave the following description of the forum activity: “This is very useful information to promote solution of strategicManfred Esserproblems. Today, stages of concept, exploratory design, project, development and implementation of working documentation into production – are very long and difficult period, and to reduce it we require advanced solutions and approaches.”

The organizers of the forum – director of CeBTech, professor of SPbSPU, doctor of Economics Igor Ilyin, and professor, PhD, Manfred Esser, stated that this forum is the first step in a whole complex of measures. I. V. Ilyin says the following on long-term plans: “We want to create educational system, which is similar to German system of dual education. This will provide opportunity for the companies to involve qualified personnel, and the university will consider requirements of the companies with regards to future professional.

Today companies are lacking qualified personnel, particularly in the field of IT. Therefore, the First Practical Forum was held as a meeting of top-managers of thecompanies, interested in the graduates of the Polytechnic University in the fields of social modeling, information management and studying economical aspects of the enterprise activity. The result of the forum is in collecting information on expectation and requirements of the companies to their future specialists. Furthermore, thanks to participation in such forums, contacts with foreign universities become stronger. Universities today have international status, with networks of joint programs, co-projects and various measures on sharing experiences.



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Center of Business Technology (CeBTech) is created in 2011 by the initiative of department “Information Systems in Economics and Management” of Polytechnic University to connect existing strategies of business management with information technologies which support business models. CeBTech combines practical and educational trends: apart from field expertise, the center provides educational service to masters, postgraduate students and specialists.

 Andrea Pal  Yuri Lvovich Levchenko
 Andrea Pal  Yuri Lvovich Levchenko

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