Meeting with the Governor Took Place in SPbGPU

В СПбГПУ состоялась встреча с губернаторомOn November 30, 2011 the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgiy Sergeyevich Poltavchenko visited the St. Petersburg State National Research Polytechnic University.


At the meeting with students which was held in the Conference hall of the Academic Council of the university, Vice-Governor Vasiliy Nikolaevich Kichedzhi, Chairman of the Committee for Science and Higher Education Andrey Stanislavovich Maksimov, Director of the A.F. Ioffe Physical Technical Institute Andrey Georgievich Zabrodskiy, as well as vice-rectors and representatives of SPbGPU organization units, were present. Since there was not enough room in the hall for all interested, many students in distant academic buildings could took part in it virtually, via videoconferencing.

The meeting was run by Rector of SPbGPU, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.I. Rudskoy. In a summary report the rector told about research and educational activities of the university, its cooperation with industries, and shared university expansion and modernization plans. In particular, it is planned to construct the Petrovskiy research park, modern Sosnovka student campus and academic buildings.

Greeting the students and lecturers present in the hall, G.S. Poltavchenko emphasized that for him it is a special pleasure to visit SPbGPU: 'I was always impressed both by this building and the fact that it is one of the oldest universities of our city. A vast number of distinguished people who glorified our science and engineering concept graduated the Polytechnic University'.

G.S. Poltavchenko answered questions of students regarding the most important aspects of student life, as well as told about the higher education institutions support system: 'We have a whole system of support of talented young people – both senior pupils, and students, and young scientists. We help young student families as well – as far as city budget allows. All this has the only aim – to give you an opportunity of getting education and finding application of your knowledge and abilities at the enterprises of our city'.

The governor assured the students: 'Judging by a considerable list of enterprises with which SPbGPU cooperates, you will not have any problems finding a job, because all those factories Andrey Ivanovich spoke of are actually developing, adopting modern technology solutions. That is why your experience, your knowledge will be in demand'.

In the governor's opinion, education in St. Petersburg is one of the best: 'Look how many leaders came from St. Petersburg for the last twenty years, who graduated from universities here. So many scientists, including those working in other countries of the world come from here as well, let alone representatives of our St. Petersburg culture, creative community who praise our homeland all over the world. All these people studied and began their carriers in our city. Therefore I believe that any education received in St. Petersburg is the keystone of success'.


  Meeting with the Governor Took Place in SPbGPUMeeting with the Governor Took Place in SPbGPU
Meeting with the Governor Took Place in SPbGPU

Meeting with the Governor Took Place in SPbGPU

Meeting with the Governor Took Place in SPbGPU

Meeting with the Governor Took Place in SPbGPU

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