Extreme Robotics

On the October 12-13 an international conference with the elements of a scientific school for young people "EXTREME ROBOTICS" was held at the Institute of International Educational Programs of the SPbSPU.



Extreme RoboticsThe organization of the conference, which was supported by the Russian Ministry of Defence, the Emergencies Ministry of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences, was done by SPbSPU, CRI RTC, MSTU of N.E. Bauman, IPMech of A.Y. Ishlinskiy RAS, EMERCOM of EMR.



The Conference annually brings together well-known scientists-robotics, and also young scientists, researchers and designers. The 2010 conference dealed with the issues of the creation of robotic systems, designed to perform complex operations in space exploration, technological solutions and service problems that occur during spaceflight, at rescue operations and elimination the consequences of man-made and natural disasters.



Taking into consideration the importance of ER'2010 in realization of state youth policy, a scientific school for youth was part of the conference. Young scientists (up to 35 years), designers, engineers, postgraduates, students were able to publicly present and discuss the results of their research and development, as well as receive information about current trends in research in the field of robotic systems and security equipment.


Extreme RoboticsThe conference was attended by more than 90 specialists (including 77 young researchers) of the leading technical universities and research institutes of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Taganrog, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and of Minsk (Belarus), Brussels (Belgium) Karlsruhe (Germany), Zeynanga (Hangzhou province, China). For the first time the reports at the conference "Extreme Robotics" were presented by students from Birma, Bolivia, Ecuador, Egypt.



In his address to the participants, the Chairman of the International Program Committee, Professor E.I. Yurevich (SPbSPU, CSRI RTC St. Petersburg) noted the need to support talented young people, creating conditions for the disclosure of creative abilities, improvement of the effectiveness of youth participation in scientific and technological creativity.



At the plenary session were heard lectures of guest speakers on key issues of Robotics and Technical Education in high school. During breakout sessions participants of the forum discussed the following areas: theory, calculation and design, robotic systems and their application; management and information management; components of robotic systems. Business program of the conference, in addition to breakout sessions, included a discussion and exchange of views on various aspects of scientific activity.



By the decision of the Program Committee, the best were considered the reports of graduate and undergraduate students involved in the design in the creation and manipulation of mobile robots for extreme conditions under the guidance of Prof. A.S. Yushchenko and c.t.s. B.B. Mikhailov (RTC "Robotics" MSTU of N.E. Bauman, Moscow): "An algorithm for recognizing obstacles for a system of three-dimensional vision mobile robot" of A.V. Khrushch, "Synthetic Vision for measuring the path of mobile robot", of E.A. Devyaterikov, "Solution of the direct and inverse position problems for the two-armed robot manipulator" of E.A. Kuptsov and S.N. Shinov.



Extreme RoboticsSpecific reference was made for the reports on the research performance of robots with orthogonal walking movers, represented by graduates, P.V. Fedchenkov, A.V. Eremenko and A.E. Gavrilov (VolgSTU, Volgograd), scientific advisors Prof. E.S. Briskin and Prof. V.V. Zhoga and also reports: "A comparison of matmodels of kinematic chains of the manipulation robots with experiment" of the postgraduate I.Y. Dalyaev (CSRI RTC, Saint Petersburg), scientific advisor – Prof. A.M. Potapov (BSTU, "Voenmech", St. Petersburg), "Assessment of three-axis swivel stand of the firm Acutronic" of Engineer O.O. Velichko (CSRI "Electropribor", St.Petersburg),
scientific advisor – Doctor of Engineering Science D.G. Gryazin, "Aspects of the stability of the robot on a vertical surface," JRS S.B. Utenkova (FSU "NPK Technological Centre" MIEE, Moscow), scientific advisor – Prof. P.P. Maltsev.





Extreme Robotics Extreme Robotics

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