Program Management

         Program management is carried out by the University’s Management – the Chancellor, Academic Council, Scientific-Technical Council and specially established organizations to manage the Program – the Coordinating Council, the Executive Director and the Program’s Expert Council.


The Program Director is the Chancellor of the University.

The Coordinating Council for the Program was confirmed by order of the SPbSPU Chancellor No. 228 from 27.04.2010



The Executive Directorate for the Program was confirmed by order of the SPbSPU Chancellor No. 241 from 04.05.2010


         The process for carrying out the Program is overseen by the Academic Council and the Scientific-Technical Council of the University. External expert advice will be given by a specially formed Expert Council which will include leading scientists and directors from industrial enterprises in priority fields for developing SPbSPU National Research University.

News & Events

30.09.2014 | News & Events Heroes twice: four students got double diploma

Four graduates got double master diploma in "International marketing management" discipline in the second semester of 2014.

30.09.2014 | News & Events Participants and winners of the “IT-planet”

SPbPU students were successful in the "IT-planet", the final of the VII student competition in IT, held in the Crimea from 20th to 22th September, 2014.

22.09.2014 | News & Events The first multidisciplinary RASA Research center in Russia was established in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

The first multidisciplinary RASA (Russian-speaking Academic Science Association) Research center in Russia named "RASA-Polytech" was established in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Leading scientists from different countries of the Old and the New World have headed the six research laboratories concerning the most relevant direction in science - biomedicine.

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