11th International Conference Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Corr.-Member of RAS V.S. Smirnov (1915-1973), Rector of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (1956-1973) Advanced Metal Materials and Technologies (AMMT’15)

23-27 June 2015
St. Petersburg


Conference Chairman

Prof. I.V. Gorynin


Program Committee Co-Chairmen


Prof. A.I. Rudskoy

Prof. M.I. Karpov


Program Committee


Prof. M.I. Alymov (Moscow)

Prof. O.A. Bannyh (Moscow)

Prof. O.A. Bogatov (Ekaterinburg)

Prof. G.C. Burhanov (Moscow)

Prof. A.M. Glezer (Moscow)

Prof. D.A. Indeytsev (Saint-Petersburg)

Prof. A.M. Dmitriev (Moscow)

Prof. A.S. Oryschenko(Saint-Petersburg)

Prof. V.Ia. Osadchiy (Saint-Petersburg)

Prof. M.R. Predtechenskiy(Novosibirsk)

Prof. V.V. Rybin (Saint-Petersburg)

Prof. V.M. Schastlivcev (Ekaterinburg)

Prof. E.N. Kablov (Moscow)


Organizing Committee Chairman


Prof. A.I. Rudskoy (Saint Petersburg)


Organizing Committee

V. I. Betekhtin Prof., Saint Petersburg

C.B. Vakhrushev Prof., Saint Petersburg

E.L. Gulihandanov Prof., Saint Petersburg

C.V. Dobatkin Prof., Moscow

A.V.Zinoviev Prof., Moscow

A.M. Zolotov Prof., St. Petersburg

K.M. Ivanov Prof., St. Petersburg

А.А.Каzakov Prof., St. Petersburg

A.N. Kobyshev Prof., St. Petersburg

G.E. Kodzhaspirov Prof., St. Petersburg

N.G. Kolbasnikov Prof., St.Petersburg

Yu.R. Kolobov

Prof., Belgorod

V.V. Korablev

Prof., Saint Petersburg

E.A. Levashov

Prof., Moscow

A.N. Lutsenko

Ph.D., Cherepovets

R.V. Staryh

Ph.D., St. Petersburg

V.A. Malyshevskiy

Prof., Saint Petersburg

I.A. Ovid’ko

Prof.,Saint Petersburg

A.A. Popovich

Prof., Saint Petersburg

O.M. Smirnov

Prof., Moscow

V.N. Tsemenko

Prof., St.Petersburg

O.V. Tolochko

Prof., St. Petersburg

A.L. Smirnova

Head of the Congress activity

department, St. Petersburg


International Advisory Committee


Prof. G.E. Kodzhaspirov (Russia)

Prof. Ch. Apostolopoulos (Greece)

Prof. B.-A. Behrens (Germany)

Prof. V. Lial (Germany)

Prof. V.Mihailov (Germany)

Prof. Borowikov (Germany)

Prof. H. Dyja (Poland)

Prof. J. Kliber (Czech Republic)

Prof.K. Malek (Czech Republic)

Prof. D. Stavrev (Bulgaria)

Dr.G.Porcu (Italy)




The objectives of the conference are to analyze and discuss the up-to-date progress of science and technology in a wide area of problems referring to the theory, technological and engineering tasks in the field of the metallurgical processes, metal, powdered and composite materials.




  • Theory and Modeling of Metallurgical Processes;
  • Technology of Processing and Production of Powdered, Composite Materials and Coatings;
  • Liquid-Phase Metallurgical Processes;
  • Technology of Plastic Processing of Metal Materials;
  • Nanotechnologies in Metallurgy; Physical and Technological Problems of Severe Plastic Deformation (session is devoted to the 40th anniversary of the discovery of severe plastic deformation);
  • Metal Science and Thermo-Mechanical Processing of Metals;
  • Modern Methods of Diagnosis, Evaluation and Prediction of the Properties of Materials and Products.
  • Theoretical and Practical Youth School "Transfer of innovative technologies into the high-tech business.


Venue and Сonditions for participation in the conference


The registration fee includes conference bag (with the conference proceedings on a USB flash drive), coffee breaks and lunch during the first day of the conference, transfer from the University to the steamer and back, payment of accommodation and food on the steamer, guide service.

11th Anniversary International Scientific and Technical Conference will be held  on a comfortable steamer within 4 days. In addition to participation at the plenary and section sessions, the conference participants will visit the unique recreational (reserved) areas of the North-West region of Russia (Svirstroy: Vvedeno-Oyatsky convent, Kizhi island, Petrozavodsk, Kivach waterfall ,Mandrogi village.)


Important dates


01.05.2015 – deadline for papers to be published submission (up to10 pages) to the Organizing Committee

10.05.2015 – deadline for papers review by the members of Program and Organizing Committee

15.05.2015  – notice of papers acceptance



Proceedings will be published and also presented on a USB flash drive


Hard copy of the Conference Proceedings will be available by the advance request at the Organizing Committee for an additional fee (1200 rubles).


Rules for paper  submission


The file with paper to be published  (up to 10 pages) must be submitted  by e-mail  to the Organizing Committee: smmt15@spbstu.ru

Name of the text file with paper (marked art) and registration form ( marked Reg) must contain the name and initials of the first author. If several papers, the name of the text file must have number of the paper. For example: ivanov_ak_1.doc and ivanov_ak-reg.doc.

Upon recommendation of the Program Committee, some papers will be published in journals indexed in the Science Citation System RISC: "Scientific and technical news" and Scopus: «Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals", "Physics and Mechanics of Materials".


Rules for writing paper


The file with paper (up to 10 pages in MS Word)) must be submitted by e-mail to the Organizing Committeeю

Guidelines: bottom margin - 2.5 cm; left margin - 3 cm, right margin - 1.5 cm; font Times New Roman, size 14; indented paragraph - 1.25 cm, line spacing - 1.5.

Pictures, graphs and tables must be not less than 300 dpi. Formulas must be numbered and typed in the Microsoft Equation formula editor.


You can place an advertisement in Proceedings of the Conference.

The cost of placing 1400 characters is 15 000 rubles.


Structure of submitted papers


Initials and surname of the author (s);
Name of the report;
Information about the author (s): first name, last name, degree, place of work, country, city, e-mail or telephone contact;
Abstract and keywords;
Text of the report;
Initials and surname of the author (s), place of work the author (s), abstract, keywords, references.


To register in RISC  you must indicate in a separate file in MS Word:

Last name, first name
Place of work
Address (country, city)
Position, academic degree, title
TITLE (in capital letters)
Key Words
References (bibliography).




Registration fee:

  • before 01.06.2015 - €550    after 01.06.2015 only by cash at registration  - €600
  • Registration fee for students, postgraduates - €250
  • Accompanying persons - €450


Payment methods


Bank account to pay registration fee:




Intermediary bank: 0103053393  VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG, Frankfurt am Main  SWIFT: OWHBDEFF

Beneficiary, s bank: JSC VTB BANK (OPERU BRANCH)  30 B. Morskaja str, 190000 St Petersburg, Russia SWIFT: VTBRRUM2NWR

Beneficiary:  account 40503978939040000020 St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU),  29, Polytechnicheskaja str, St Petersburg, Russia



In the payment by bank transfer, please do not forget to write the title of the conference (AMMT’2015) and your name.


Participants wishing to pay through a bank must cover transaction charges.





Registration Form



Last Name ____________

First Name ____________

Other Names __________

Dates of birth__________

Place of birth __________

Citizenship ____________

Passport number_________

Date of issue____________

Date of expiry___________

Country of permanent residence ______

Place of visa issuing _______________

Place of work: ____________________



Position ________________________




Accompanying person, if any_______


Date of arrival___________________

Date of departure________________


I am going to present a paper at the conference     No

I need an equipment to present a paper  Yes (kind of equipment)   No

I am bringing a poster   Yes     No


Please note! Copy of the first page of your passport sent by fax or by e-mail is necessary for visa proceedings. Visa support letter (official invitation) will be sent to you within 2 months (for members from EU countries within 2 weeks).


Accommodation needed:      Yes        No


!!! Participants arrivingoneor more days before the start of the conference and staying after the conference are kindly asked to indicate in the registration form the hotel reservation.


Booking the hotel:


Hotel “Sputnik”  

  •  single room
  •  double room


Address: Hotel “Sputnik”- Prosp. M.Toreza 36; metro station “Ploshchad’ Muzhestva”


Date and Place________

Signature ____________




The Conference will be held at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University to the address: 29 Politekhnicheskaya str., Main Education building, Conference hall (metro st. " Politekhnicheskaya ") - 1-st day; further- on  the steamer  'Mikhail Sholohov'.



Youth School


Theoretical and Practical Youth School "Transfer of innovative technologies into the high-tech business” will be held within the conference. Quota for free participation has been stipulated for students, graduate students and young scientists who will be exempt from registration fee on the basis of competitive selection. To enter a contest you must: complete the appropriate registration form, attach a summary of the report and a motivational letter in which you as a potential participant argue  the purpose of your participation in the conference, as well as the theme of your work.




Contact Information

Organizing Committee of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University

195251, St. Petersburg, Russia

Alla  Smirnova
Tel / fax: +7 (812) 297 20 88


Lidia Papina

Tel/fax: +7(812) 552 85 34

e-mail: smmt15@spbstu.ru


Prof. G.E. Kodzhaspirov


Tel / fax: +7 (812) 686 43 53



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