16th International Scientific and Practical Conference "ECONOMY, ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIETY IN RUSSIA IN THE 21ST CENTURY"



 St. - Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Holds 19 - 20 May 2014

16th International scientific-practical conference "Economics, Environment and Society RUSSIA IN THE 21ST CENTURY."


Conference topics include the following sections:


  1. Russian image of the 21st century and its place in the international division of labor .
  2. conomic and socio- political problems of Russia and its regions , methods and mechanisms to solve them.
  3. Strategies, methods and mechanisms of innovative development of the national economy of Russia.
  4. Problems of energy efficiency and conservation in the Russian economy and determinations .
  5. Russian environmental problems and their solutions .
  6. Information and intellectual technologies of modern business.
  7. Economic- mathematical methods and models in the management of modern organizations .
  8. Trends and innovative scientific and technological research and education potential of Russia.




Tel.  +7 (812) 329-47-95  - The conference committee:        Zhuravleva Olga S.

         +7 (812) 329-47-93  - Okorokov Vasily R.                                      

Fax: +7 (812) 329-47-93

E-mail:   conf@igms.info

Location: 195220, St. Petersburg, Grazdanskiy prospect, 28 / A



to participate in the 12th International Scientific and Practical Conference  "ECONOMY, ECOLOGY AND SOCIETY RUSSIA In the 21st century " 19 - May 20, 2014


Surname, First name






City, country


Mailing address (work and home postcode)






I intend to (please select):

- To make a presentation at the conference;

- To participate in the conference as a listener;

- Publish a summary of the report;

- Publish the report;

- Proceedings of the conference to get the mail.








lease confirm the arrival of the last 10 days prior to the conference.


Requirements to the terms and submission of abstracts or reports


Abstracts of the report in the amount of 1-3 full pages or report in the amount of 10 pages submitted to the Organizing Committee in electronic form in MS WORD 6.0, 7.0, 97 as a file on electronic media and print from this file on A4 paper, or by E-mail: conf@igms.info




  • Margins: top - 2 cm, bottom - 2.5 cm , left - 2,5 cm, right - 2.5 cm;
  • Font Times New Roman Cyr, style Normal; font size -14 ;
  • Line spacing - 1


Drawings, graphs , charts, etc. - In the TIFF format , 300 dpi; 600 dpi. Gain formula in formula editor Microsoft equation 2.0 (2.1). Do not use tabs , automatic lists .


Structure of abstracts and papers should be as follows :


  • The initials and surname of the author (or authors ) must be printed in the upper right corner of the lowercase letters, without specifying degrees and titles ;
  • 2 slots title is printed abstracts or report the middle line in the letters;
  • 1 interval lowercase letters indicate the city and the organization;
  • 1 interval printed text or abstracts report.


Sample abstract or report:


First Name Last Name ( O. Petrov )


City, organization


Abstracts of the report or the report published in author's edition. Please check abstracts or report on literacy.

In the event of non-compliance due to theses topics , violation of the terms or requirements of registration materials will not be published.

The thesis or report should be accompanied by the completed registration form, send till March 10, 2014 to the Organizing Committee by e-mail: conf@igms.info.

Program and Proceedings of the conference will be presented at the conference.


News & Events

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Four graduates got double master diploma in "International marketing management" discipline in the second semester of 2014.

30.09.2014 | News & Events Participants and winners of the “IT-planet”

SPbPU students were successful in the "IT-planet", the final of the VII student competition in IT, held in the Crimea from 20th to 22th September, 2014.

22.09.2014 | News & Events The first multidisciplinary RASA Research center in Russia was established in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

The first multidisciplinary RASA (Russian-speaking Academic Science Association) Research center in Russia named "RASA-Polytech" was established in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Leading scientists from different countries of the Old and the New World have headed the six research laboratories concerning the most relevant direction in science - biomedicine.

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