14th Working Meetingof IFToMM Permanent Commission for the History of Mechanism and Machine Science

May 26-28, 2015


Objectives оf the Workshop


The Workshops on History of MMS has been started in 2002 within the IFToMM Permanent Commission for History of MMS (Mechanism and Machine Science) as a meeting event for facilitating presentation of unpublished material, discussion and promotion on historical subjects on MMS. The Workshop series is a companion activity of the Symposium on HMM (History of Machines and Mechanisms) that is celebrated every four years. Both  events are devoted to technical aspects of historical developments of MMS. HMM Symposium was envisioned as a forum that brings together  participants from all around the world to exchange views, opinions, and experiences on History of MMS from technical viewpoints with a well planned conference character. The last event HMM 2014 has been held in Tianjin.

HMMS Workshop has been started to facilitate contacts and presentation of materials within more limited geographical areas and generally it will be organized for a limited number of persons. HMMS Workshop is organized with more informal program and with the aim to collect material, like presentations, copies of papers and photos, which for participants will be presented on a USB flash drive. A first HMMS Workshop has been held in 2002 at the Admont Abbey (Austria) and this meeting in Saint-Petersburg  (Russia) in 2015 is the next event in the series of workshops with the following meetings with indication of the chairpersons:


• HMM 2000 in Cassino by prof. M. Ceccarelli
• ADMONT 2002 by prof. M. Husty and M. Ceccarelli
• TIANJIN 2004 (as sections of WToMM World Congress)
• DRESDEN 2004 by prof. B. Conies and dr H. Kerle
• HMM 2004 in Cassino by prof. M. Ceccarelli
• MOSCOW 2005 by prof. A. Golovin
• QUERETARO 2005 by prof. C. Lopez-Cajin
• ITHACA2006 by prof. F.Moon
• BANGALORE 2007 by prof A.Ghosal and prof J.S. Rao
• BESANCON 2007 (as sections of IFToMM World Congress)
• HMM 2008 in Tainan by prof. H.S. Yan
• PORTO ALEGRE 2009 by prof. A. Olivein
• BEIJING 2010 by prof  B. Zhang
• QUERETARO 2011 (as sections of WToMM World Congress)
• HMM 2012 in Amsterdam by prof T. Koetsier
• ATHENS MEETING&EXETIBITION 2013 by prof T. Chondros
• PALERMO 2013 by prof. M. Ceccarelli, F. Sorge, M. Cammalleri and dr. G. Genchi
• TIANJIN 2014 byp rof. J.Daiand T. Huang
• ST. PETERSBURG 2015 by prof. A. Evgrafov and 0. Egorova
• HMM 2016 in Queretaro by prof. C. Lopez-Cajiin




  • Outstanding researchers who have made great contributions to the science of  mechanisms and machines;
  • Outstanding inventions, discoveries. Priorities.
  • History of institutions
  • History of IFToMM
  • Ancient machines and mechanisms
  • Old ideas for new machines
  • History of designing mechanisms or machines
  • Machines and robots
  • 3D modeling in the history of MMS
  • Russian history of MMS
  • Teaching history of MMS, history of engineering
  • Outstanding books on mechanisms, machines.
  • Outstanding technologies (e.g. additive technologies in mechanical engineering).
  • History of development of mechanical engineering,instrumentation, robotics, transport, etc. in the world, in the region.

Working language -  English.




01.02. 2015 – deadline for registration forms submission to

                       Organizing Committee to the address:  hmms2015@spbstu.ru  and papers to the address: a.evgrafov@spbstu.ru

20.03. 2015 – notice of acceptance

20.04. 2015 – submission of contributions (full papers)

20.04. 2015  -  early registration closed




Workshop Proceedings will be presented on USB flash drive.


Rules for abstracts and papers


The file with paper (up to 10 pages) should be submitted  by e-mail or on electronic media.

Address to send paper(s): Alexander Evgrafov      a.evgrafov@spbstu.ru


Instructions see on the conference website: http://hmms2015.ru


Name of the text file with paper and registration form ( marked Reg) must contain the name and initials of the first author. If several papers, the name of the text file must have number of the paper. For example: ivanov_ak_1.doc and ivanov_ak-reg.doc.


Registration form, all information on registration of participant, accommodation and bank accounts see on the Workshop websites: http://hmms2015.ru     




The  Workshop  will be held in Peter the Great St-Petersburg Polytechnic University   at the address: St-Petersburg, Politekhnicheskaya 29, Main Education Building,, room 118 (Metro station "Politekhnicheskaya").
More information about the University: http://www.spbstu.ru


Contact Information

 Organizing Committee of the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, office  42, 1st   Education building, Politekhnicheskaya  Str. 29 195251 St. Petersburg,  Russia


General information (Registration forms, invitation letters, accommodation etc.) 


Lidia Papina  Tel/fax: +7 (812) 552 85 34  e-mail: hmms2015@spbstu.ru




Alexander Evgrafov (St. Petersburg) e-mail:  a.evgrafov@spbstu.ru


Workshop websites: http://hmms2015.ru



News & Events

30.09.2014 | News & Events Heroes twice: four students got double diploma

Four graduates got double master diploma in "International marketing management" discipline in the second semester of 2014.

30.09.2014 | News & Events Participants and winners of the “IT-planet”

SPbPU students were successful in the "IT-planet", the final of the VII student competition in IT, held in the Crimea from 20th to 22th September, 2014.

22.09.2014 | News & Events The first multidisciplinary RASA Research center in Russia was established in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

The first multidisciplinary RASA (Russian-speaking Academic Science Association) Research center in Russia named "RASA-Polytech" was established in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Leading scientists from different countries of the Old and the New World have headed the six research laboratories concerning the most relevant direction in science - biomedicine.

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