Nanotechnologies of Functional Materials International Scientific-Technical Conference (NFM'14 June 24 - 28 )

International Scientific-Technical Conference  Nanotechnologies of Functional Materials (NFM'14) will take place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on June 24-28, 2014.


The Conference Organizers

  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation,
  • Russian Academy of Science
  • Department of Nanotechnology and Information Technologies of RAS
  • NRC "Kurchatov Institute"
  • Scientific Council of RAS on Physics of Condensed Matter
  • Saint Petersburg Scientific Center of RAS
  • Institute of Solid State Physics of RAS
  • Saint Petersburg Academic University-Nanotechnology Research and Education Centre RAS


Supported by

  • Russian Federation Agency for Education
  • Russian Fund for Basic Research
  • Committee for Science and Higher Education of Saint Petersburg City Government


Conference Chairman - Prof. M.V. Kovalchuk


Program Committee Chairman - Prof. M.I. Karpov


Program Committee members

  • Prof. S.M. Aldoshin
  • Prof. M.V. Alfimov
  • Prof. I.V. Gorynin
  • Prof. I.L. Eremenko
  • Prof. V.V. Osiko
  • Prof. A.S. Sigov
  • Prof. K.A. Solntsev
  • Prof. V.V. Ustinov
  • Prof. V.Ya. Shevchenko
  • Prof. M.I. Alymov
  • Prof. K.V. Grigorovich
  • Prof. E.A. Gudilin
  • Prof. V.V. Gusarov
  • Prof. V.V. Kvardakov
  • Prof. V.V. Kveder
  • Prof. V.I. Konov
  • Prof. O.S. Naraykin
  • Prof. A.I. Rudskoy
  • Prof. V.V. Rybin
  • Prof. R.M. Yusupov
  • Prof. R.A. Andrievsky
  • Prof. A.A. Vikarchuk
  • Prof. A.M. Glezer
  • Prof. Yu.P. Golovin
  • Prof. S.V. Dobatkin
  • Prof. A.E. Ermakov
  • Prof. E.V. Kozlov
  • Prof. Yu.R. Kolobov
  • Prof. E.A. Levashov
  • Prof. V.F. Petrunin
  • Dr. Sc. A.S. Oryshchenko


Organizing Committee  Chairman - Prof. A.I. Rudskoy


Organizing Committee members

  • Prof. V.I.Betekhtin
  • Dr.Sc. S.K.Gordeev
  • Prof. A.M. Zolotov
  • Prof. S.B. Vakhrushev
  • Prof. G.E. Kodzhaspirov
  • Prof. P.A. Rodny
  • Prof.N.G. Kolbasnikov
  • Prof. V.V. Korablev
  • Prof. A.A. Popovich
  • Prof. О.V. Tolochko
  • Prof. V.N. Tsemenko

Foreign members

  • Prof. B.-A. Behrens (Germany)
  • Prof. H.. Danninger (Austria)
  • Prof. H. Dyja (Poland)
  • Prof. N. Sobchak (Poland)
  • Prof. P.A. Vityaz’ (Belarus)
  • Prof. V.N. Varyukhin (Ukraine)
  • Prof. Yu.V. Milman (Ukraine)
  • Prof. S.A. Firstov (Ukraine)
  • Prof. E. Kauppinen (Finland)
  • Dr. Lee Dong Won (S.Korea)


Objectives and topics of the conference

The main objective of the conference is to present and discuss the latest scientific results of basic research and practical achievements in the development of new nanostructured metallic and ceramic materials with high mechanical and performance properties as well as their production technology.


Thematic Sections

  1. Physical and chemical characteristics of nanostructural state.

  2. Amorphous, nanocristalline and nanostrustural metallic materials.

  3. Nanostructured powders, composite, ceramic materials and coatings.

  4. Nanobiotechnologies of functional materials.

  5. Research techniques of nanostructured materials; modeling and information support of nanotechnology.


School for Young Scientists

Nanotechnology in modern production of functional materials and prospects of their development.


Conditions of participation in the conference

The 14th International Scientific and Technical Conference “Nanotechnologies and Functional Materials” (NFM’14) is to be held for the first time on a comfortable ship within 4 days (24-28 June 2014). In addition to participating in the plenary and section sessions, the conference participants will visit the unique recreational (reserved) areas of the North-West region of Russia: Holy Trinity Monastery of Alexander Svirsky, Kizhi island, Petrozavodsk with a City walking tour, Kivach waterfall as well as village Verhniye Mandrogi and old Russian settlement with an ensemble of wooden architecture and trade, and craft village where a picnic lunch of Russian cuisine will be organized.

Registration fee includes coffee-breaks, lunch on the first day of the conference, accommodation in comfortable double cabins and meals on the ship, a conference bag, proceedings of the conference on the USB flash drive, transfer from the university to the ship and back, excursion services.

!!! Participants who wish to arrive earlier than the date of conference (June 24-28) or stay after the conference, you can book the hotel.
Hotel accommodation is paid by participants.
If you need a hotel reservation please indicate in the registration form.


Important dates

  • 15.05.2014 – deadline for abstract submission (1-2 pages of А4 paper in Word)
  • 01.06.2014 – deadline for abstracts review
  • 05.06.2014 – submission of full papers.


Proceedings of the Conference will be presented on the USB flash drive.

Printed copy of the Proceedings will be available upon prior request from the Organizing Committee for 1200 rubles.


Rules for abstracts and papers

The file is limited to 6 pages of text with pictures, graphs and tables (bmp or jpg), format A4 in Word for Windows, Times New Roman font, font size-11, line spacing-1, margins : top and bottom-2 cm, left-3 cm, right - 1,5cm. Heading must be centered in bold font. The 2nd line in bold font - names and initials of authors; 3rd line - country, organization, email address (normal font).

The paper must have the name, surname and initials of the authors and abstract in English. The text in normal font follows after one blank line.

Name of the text file with paper and registration form ( marked Reg) must contain the name and initials of the first author. If several papers, the name of the text file must have number of the paper. For example: ivanov_ak_1.doc and ivanov_ak-reg.doc.

You can place an advertisement in Proceedings of the Conference.
The cost of placing 1400 characters is 10 000 rubles.



  • Hotel “Sputnik”

Prices for the hotel see on the website after the 1st February 2014.



Registration form


Registration fee:


  • before 12.06.2014 - €600 or USD 800
  • after 12.06.2014 – €650 or USD 850
  • onsite registration - €500 or USD 550


PhD Students, Students - €300 or USD 400


Accompanying persons -


  • before 12.06.2014 - € 450 or USD 500
  • after 12.06.2014 – €500 or USD 550
  • onsite registration - €500 or USD 550


Payment methods

Registration form, all information on registration of participant, accommodation and bank accounts see on the conference website after the 1st February 2014. You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card (Individual payment form see on the website).

In you pay by bank transfer, please do not forget to write the name of the conference (NFM’14) and your name.




The Conference will be held in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University at the address: Politekhnicheskaya str., 29, Main Academic Building, Conference Hall (Metro station "Politekhnicheskaya") – 1st day; then - on the ship “ Vladimir Mayakovsky“.




29 Polytechnicheskaya str, Main Building, Conference Hall (Metro station "Polytekhnicheskaya")
St Petersburg 195251, Russia


Alla Smirnova  Tel / fax: +7 (812) 297 20 88

Lidia Papina  Tel/fax: +7(812) 552 85 34


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