Safety of information and telecommunication systems


P.D. ZegzhdaScientific Director  - Dr. of technical sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist Peter Dmitrievich Zegzhda


Director - Dr. of technical sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist Peter Dmitrievich Zegzhda


Executive - Dr. Maxim Olegovich Kalinin


Project:  "Establishment of telecommunication system (ITS) of  high availability and security"


The purpose of the SEC "SITS" is the development of technological measures for establishing information and telecommunication systems (ITS) of high availability and security.


In the course of work of the REC "SITS ", will be established:

  • principle technologies  of transmission capacity increase  of  data transfer subsystems ITS, based on adaptive algorithms of processing, protocols and message protection;
  • main  technologies of dynamic content filtering for access to information and network resources  of  ITS;
  • automation technologies of information security management of ITS by continuous maintaining of the cycle of information environment integrity control (IS) ITS.


The scientific and scientific and technical products, designed in accordance with the requirements for the purpose:

  • system of information transmission can be used as an alternative substitute of existing systems of cellular, satellite and radio-relay communication. The suggested signals can be used in digital television and digital radio, together with existing transmission standards. The suggested spectral-effective signals ensure high degree of protection against unauthorized access to the radio channels of  data transmission, that is why the proposed model of the device can be used as the basis for the  equipment used in the interests of the Ministry of  Defense of the Russian Federation.
  • dynamic technology of  filtering content can solve the problem of constructing specialized distributed high-performance computing complex and grid environments, development of information systems with cluster and massively parallel architectures of general-purpose, scientific methods to solve problems in the field of high performance computing complex and computer systems;
  • technology of information security management allows to  develop the means of  automation integrity control of  IS ITS, and the  adaptation of   ITS to the ongoing security breaches. The suggested  innovation allows to reduces  operating expenses for the maintenance of ITS and provides  the continuity and improves the  safety, so the model and layout  of the automatic information security management ITS can be the basis for  the development of  innovative means of ITS protection;
  • the results of the R&D works is designed for the  development on its basis of new protected ITCS of high availability and security  for government and commercial organizations, using modern information technologies and software of establishment, development and control of information and production processes and resources. According to the results of R&D, training materials are issued in order to support educational process of certain specialties.



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