Renewable types of energy and installations on the basis

V.V. Elistratov

Director of the REC – Victor Vasilievich Elistratov, Doctor of engineering sciences, Professor, Head of the department "Renewable sources of energy and hydropower" of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Honored power engineer of the Russian Federation.

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Yu.S. Vasiliev


Scientific director of the REC - Yury Sergeevich Vasiliev, Academician, Doctor of engineering sciences, Professor of  the department “Renewable sources of  energy and hydropower" of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, president of  Saint- Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.


Executive in charge of the REC - Vasily Petrovich Atrashenok, Leading programmer of the department “Renewable sources of energy and hydropower” of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

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Project Title: Development of the theory of parameters substantiation, modeling and research of elements, objects, and renewable energy systems using innovative technologies


The purpose of the project - Developing the methodology of modeling, research and study of elements parameters, objects, and renewable energy systems using innovative technologies.


In frameworks of project in 2010 is done:

In the integrated environment AutoCAD Civil 3D + Autodesk Inventor, the methodology of automated three-dimensional parametric modeling of structural components of the hydroelectric facilities and systems based on the  renewable sources of energy (hydroelectric power plant, pumped-storage power plant, windpower  plant) is  implemented.  The REC established the fragment of models library of structural components of the main equipment for example HPS / PSP; visualization of the model of natural and technical complex with object on the computer screen in the virtual reality CAVE.

Displaying virtual hydropower facility on the computer screenThree-dimensional model of the Leningrad PSP in virtual reality


Using the methods of simulation modeling, the methodology of parameters substantiation and operating modes of the energy complex of hydroelectric power station and windpower station was established, in order to optimize water and energy regimes of power complex for a given planning period, taking into account the variability of hydraulic and wind power.


On the base of the theory of probability and linear programming, the REC developed the methodology of forecasting major hydropower indicators at the small hydropower plants in the shortage of hydrological information.


The development of methodology and principles of metering the parameters and operating modes of energetic complex on the basis of renewable energy sources in physical modeling.


In MS Excel, the REC developed methodical principles and algorithms to assess environmental and economic energy efficiency of hydroelectric power plant, pumped-storage power plant with the provision of system services. The methodology of power supply system parameters substantiation based on renewable sources of energy (solar, wind, storage systems) for the distributed power was developed.


Independent power supply system based on RTE



The technical requirements of physical model of autonomous energetic complex based on renewable sources of energy - wind power plant (WPP) with an installed capacity 2 kW and photoelectric plant (PEP) with a total peak power 2.7 kW were developed. A scheme of  monitoring and automated analysis of the energy complex was established.


Setting for converting solar energy Setting to transform the wind energy

Heat and power system with a heat pump

The REC developed the  method of  determining parameters of heat and power system, using low potential energy, based on the use of  the heat pump (HP). The basic technical parameters of HP, options of combining HP with energy efficiency systems, base on renewable sources of energy (solar collectors, SC).





The REC developed a database "Pumped Storage Plant", authors - V.V. Elistratov, I.G. Kudryasheva, Y.A. Miroshnikova (Certificate of database registration № 2010620564  dated 01.10.2010).

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